Outdoor Family Fun For Winter.

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Winter is around the corner and as we start to spend more time indoors as the weather cools. It’s important to make a plan of activities to keep us active through the winter.

A much as we love being cosy and chilling out watching TV at home. Avoiding the wind, rain and snow, being stuck indoors can also cause a lot of frustration at this time of year.

For those of us with a house full of children, being stuck indoors is not my idea of fun so we’re are planning a few activities we can do through the winter when the mood strikes.

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So, What else can you do outdoors to have fun with your family??

Well, here’s a few of our favourites

Outdoor Family Fun Ideas For Winter

Firstly, make sure you download our list of 44 simple activities to get your family outdoors this winter. Click the link or the picture below to get yours now.

Awesome Outdoor Family Fun Idea For Winter – Make Snow Candy

If you are lucky enough to get snow this year your kids will love trying out this maple syrup snow candy recipe.

Making snow candy

You can collect snow and bring it inside or like us, get prepped to take your heated maple syrup outside!

TIP! if you don’t get snow you can also try this in the freezer.

Simply lay a sheet of greaseproof paper on the lid of a shallow container and once you pour your maple on top, just put in the freezer for a blast of cold.

Check out the instructions here

Outdoor Family Fun Ideas For Winter -Plant Fruit Trees

Winter is the best time to plant fruit trees like apple, pears, plums etc.

You can order bare root fruit trees and bushes online easily but your local garden centre is the best place to have a fun day out and get lots of help and advice on choosing and caring for your fruit tree.

If you already have fruit trees, remember that winter is also the best time to prune them (depending on the type of fruit you have)

  • Autumn raspberry canes need to be chopped to ground level so they can grow from scratch next year.
  • Apples might need to be pruned to help your tree fruit better.

Just remember that Winter is the time to do it. Get more fruit growing information here.

Geocaching Is A Fantastic Way To Have Outdoor Family Fun This Winter.

Geocaching is a wonderful activity for winter.

Using an app on your smart phone, (we use Geocaching.com) you can search for small hidden treasure boxes all over the country, even the world. This book explains it all.

Think of Geocaching as a giant treasure hunt that anyone can join. Once you get the hang of the rules, it’s a wonderful way to spend time together.

Outdoor kids love geocaching
Geocaching is a fantastic way to keep your family active this winter.

Making Frozen Friends – Great Outdoor Family Fun Idea For Winter.

Another fun activity to try if you get snow this winter is to make some winter buddies. Just like this from happyhooligans.ca. Simply make different shaped snowballs and use the kids Mr Potato shapes to give your snowmalls faces.

TIP! If you don’t get snow, try making some playdoh people or take a slice of wood and make holes for the Mr Potato parts to attach.

We have take our parts on a walk and fitted the face shapes into the bark of trees to make our woodland friends.

Winter friend are way to make.

Such a fun activity, even for older kids.

If you don’t have and Mr Potato toys, try cutting out some shapes from cardboard and wrap in cling film, or just use recycle objects like bottle caps, straws etc

Another fun idea is to paint a range of pebbles to look like different face parts.

You could even make a giant snowman and use these pebbles for it’s features.

Get more winter inspiration right here

Planting Bulb Is An Awesome Outdoor Family Fun Idea For Winter.

Plant bulbs in a deep pot, with plenty of drainage material in the bottom like broken bits of terracotta pot or gravel.

Most bulbs should be planted twice as deeply as they are high, and about the same distance apart. So a 2cm bulb needs to be planted 6cm deep.

Planting bulbs with kids
Bulb planting with kids

Bulbs are usually planted with the pointy end upwards. If you are unsure, plant the bulb sideways and it will turn the correct way up as it grows.

Place your pot outdoors, in a sheltered place.

Protect it from strong winds and frosts, but make sure it finds some rain.

How to grow your own bulbs here

Winter activities are amazing. They lighten even the darkest days and teach kids to make the most of every minute and not just wait for the good days in life.

Leave us a comment below and let us know your favourite winter activity.

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