Unique List Of Outdoor Gifts For Kids

Some fantastic gifts for kids to help develope a love of gardening, wildlife and the great outdoors.

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Well, Outdoor Gifts For Kids will be needed soon as like it or not, the gift giving season is almost here Woo-Hoo!

Soon we’ll all be buying this years latest toys our kids MUST HAVE. Worrying about what to get and where on earth to put it all (or is that just me?)

And I don’t know about you, but I usually have to resort to throwing out or reselling last years haul of gifts that have sat untouched on shelved all year just to make room for this years Gifts from Santa. How does that make sense??

And!! has anyone noticed that most of the toys for girls this year involve just opening stuff? Mini squishes, LOL dolls, Hatchimal eggs???? The excitement is in the opening of all these little ‘treasures’ but what happens once the kids see what’s inside?

Giant amounts of clutter and waste for a quick fix of excitement and then hundreds of tiny bits that get lost in the first 5 minutes then never get played with again. Well this mamma has had enough of this silliness.Some fantastic outdoor gifts for kids,evelope a love of gardening, wildlife and the great outdoors.

Christmas used to be the end to a long year of longing for the one magic gift that would make our dreams come true.

Now children expect constant gifts, treats and toys to keep them entertained. they only have to ask and its given all year round. so what makes birthdays and Christmas so special now?(if you don’t look at it religiously I mean)

So, my aim this year is to find gifts that still give the wow factor on Christmas morning without breaking the bank and more importantly gifts that don’t add to the clutter and waste.

I want to still treat my kids to presents, but this year I’m buying gifts that mean that bit more to us, that help encourage kids our get outdoors and discover the world around them.

So I thought I’d share some of the ideas I have found as well as gifts that have been loved and valued in the past and are still going strong.

Unique List Of Outdoor Gifts For Kids


The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game.

This is a fantastic nature themed ‘game’ gift for your kids, I have kids from 18 months to 10 years playing this game and they love it.

The idea of the game is simple. each player gets a ‘log’ and take it in turns to spin the dial to see what colour nut to try to catch. Players have to then use the squirrel shaped pincers to try to pinch a nut. The aim is to be the first person to gather one of each coloured nut to fill their log.

Wonderful game for all the family. Bring Autumn indoors with this easy but addictive game

A super easy but a fantastic game that we roll out in Autumn every year. Perfect for bringing the autumn indoors when the weathers not nice outdoors.

A perfect gift of nature. Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game


365 Outdoor Activities You Have To Try.

Yep and we totally agree. This book is wonderful. Great book to get you and your kids out so much more. We have tried so many of these ideas which range from 5 minute activities to full day fun.

I really love the wildlife crafts and activities as there is so many directions to take each one after you’ve completed each one. for example one of the activities is to make a butterfly feeding station.

We did this activity and it took maybe 10 minutes. Afterwards however the kids spent the whole afternoon outdoors watching the feeder and identifying the butterflies it attracted. I was actually surprised by the number.


They learned so many names of butterflies, investigated what each one ate and what the best food to fill the feeder with to attract the butterflies we saw.  In the end it also had the kids trying to work out what plants we should grow in the garden to attract even more of them!!

From one activity into many and the kids have developed a love for wildlife that will continue to grow. 

These activities aren’t just one-off tasks either there is a lot of these that can be completed over and over again. The instructions are super simple and the kids have had no trouble following them. Rspb 365 Outdoor Activities You Have to Try

Gardening Toolkit For Kids

You all know about my love of growing our own vegetables and especially teaching children the love of grow your own.

This little set has everything you need to do that in the beginning. Some sturdy hand tools with smooth plastic handles in an easy to clean tote bag. I actually have the green and blue version for little AJ and he loves his. The watering can is nice and light for kids to hold but it still holds a good amount of water so the kids can water the seeds the have sown.


Child sized tools make a big difference to encouraging kids outside to garden. When they have to deal with adult tools that are heavy and cumbersome it puts them off. Asking for adult help takes away their responsibility and interest in the project.

The booklet that comes with this set has some ideas on how to get the kids started too. I have bought this tote bag for 2 of my mindees this Christmas so they can get out and garden at home.


I bought some small packets of seeds and popped them in the pockets and voila the perfect reason to get out and play. If you need more reasons to buy this set then this set doubles up as great for digging at the beach too! Bonus!! Pink Gardening Tools for Kids with STEM Early Learning Guide by ROCA Toys. Garden Tools Toys, Outdoor Toys and Learning Toys. Cute Pink and Purple Garden Bag.

Nature Journal For Little Explorers.

This little gem is on our list this year. The older kids have made their own nature journals each year so we can record our adventures.

Nature Journal For Kids

Now that AJ is getting older I thought I’d try this bought version.

We love to collect seeds, feathers, beautiful shaped leaves and so many more treasures as well as practising our drawing of our nature finds.


We keep photos too. So now we’ll have a fab new book to fill.  Nature Journal For Little Explorers: Kids Nature Journal/Nature Log Activity Book; Fun Nature Drawing And Journaling Workbook For Children


My Fairy Garden.

This little gift is a fabulous present. My CC is getting this one to go with the other one of the set she got last year.

They are really good quality and have so many possibilities. Last year, my daughter got the smaller one below for her birthday in September so we couldn’t sow the grass seeds it contained.

Fairy gardens are a great gift to encourage the kids outdoors

We used some fake grass patches to line the container instead. This meant we could keep it indoors as a toy until Spring. We put it out in the ‘fairy glen between the shrubs. She’s always out there now playing with her Fairy Garden.

It’s lasted all year and we have added to it as the years gone on. CC has asked for this set to go with the other so she can grow some alpine plants in it.


Alpine plants are small and dainty and are the perfect thing to grow in these fairy gardens.

The little fairy figures this comes with are cute and we have also added to these by adding butterflies, ladybirds and other woodland creatures. When the kids have friends over, they play for hours with our Fairy Glen. Play monster my fairy garden, magical cottage.

Outdoor Explorer Play Set

This set is a favourite, a time tested must have gift. The kids I have here LOVE the woods and exploring.

This set makes it so much more fun with magnifying glasses to spy for bugs on our bug hunt. Or look at fern seeds as they form on the underside of the leaves.


The plastic bugs are wonderful for playing hide and seek with around the garden and we use the tweezers and magnifying glass to search for them.

This kit contains specimen jars too so when we go pond dipping or bug hunting we can really see up close the critters we find.

This one is great fun for kids of any age and it has so many uses.   Find it here Moody Goat 19 – Pcs Outdoor Explorer Gear Play Set for Kids – Junior Adventurer Equipment Kit for Children – Exploration Toys with Binoculars, Bug Catcher, Magnifying Glass & Backpack


Unicorn Garden Set

This set is the same idea as the fairy garden above. This one comes with unicorn accessories and a castle. We’ve bought this for CC’s Christmas and we are planning to plant creeping herbs like thyme and clover in our fairy glen.

Creative Roots 765940719275 Create Your Own Garden by Horizon Group USA, Unicorn

Nature’s Card Game

This card game is a game of concentration, featuring fun facts about the world we live in and the natural world around us.

Each player studies a card from the pack and then has to try to remember as much of the detail as possible.

This game comes with a dice and a timer. We love to take this with us to play in the car on long journeys. We’ve also taken it out for days out so we have a game to play during our picnics and downtime. BrainBox for Kids – Nature Card Game

3D Puzzle Pots.

Right, now I don’t know what you think. But to me these are amazingly cute and this year EVERYONE’s getting one. There is a range to choose from. Teddies, cats, dogs, robots and even a koala’s. Each one is a wooden 3d puzzle that, when put together make a funky plant pot for indoor plants.

Our kids are going to love these will yours?

Wooden Model Build Kit Wooden Model Toy Kit 3d Puzzles Pot Kitty Wood Puzzle Wooden Model Toy Kit Model 64-pcs


Exotic Vegetable Growing Kit.

This fabulous growing kit contains 5 different exotic vegetable that kids will just LOVE to grow. They might even taste the unusual veggies to now that would be a bonus!  Exotic Vegetables Growing Kit – 5 Unique Plants to Grow From Seed: Purple Carrots, Blue Corn, Yellow Cucumber, Rainbow Chard & Broccoli. Garden Gift for Children – Fun Gardening Set For Boys & Girls


Woodland Animals Kids Arts and Crafts Project Kit.

This is a cute little craft set teaching kids to sew little woodland creatures of their very own. If your child is into fairies and unicorns and stuffed toys like mine this is a lovely set.

The felt shapes are all pre cut which made this set a great one to start with as felt can be a pain to cut. My daughter CC loved making these one rainy afternoon as we snuggled up watching a movie. Yes I know this is supposed to be outdoor gifts, however,…

Afterwards she felt so attached to these little creatures she carried them everywhere telling EVERYONE that she made them. I helped with threading the needles but she did the rest.

She also made a fairy grotto in our garden between some large shrubs. She plays with her woodland creatures outdoors with her fairies and unicorns, toadstools and so many other things.

The sense of fun and ownership from one simple set is mind-blowing. The role-playing fun she’d had with them has been fantastic to watch as she involves her friends too and it’s something she adds to now with more advanced sets now she’s a little older.

Each Woodland Friends sewing kit includes: 5 pre-cut animal sewing projects, 6 colors of embroidery thread, 5 sewing needles, 40 straight pins, pin cushion, scissors, non-toxic fabric glue, stuffing, easy-to-follow instructions and a cute portable carry case.


It’s a lovely set. Craftster’s Sewing Kits Woodland Animals Craft Educational Sewing Kit for 7 to 12 Age Kids

Woodland Friends Music Box.

This is the cutest music box. My daughter CC got this from a good friend for her 1st Birthday. She was obsessed with this box from the very start and wouldn’t sleep without it.


I can see why as it has a lovely tinkling sound to it. She is still obsessed with woodland creatures now and still has the music box and play it regularly. It has lasted so well these last 7 years.

Woodland Friends – Wooden Music Box by Orange Tree Toys



Butterfly Growing Kit

This is one gift that just keeps on giving. This is a mesh pop up container that each year we pop some caterpillars in and feed them until the produce cocoons.


The kids think this is amazing and they look forward to it every year. We grow some cabbages in the allotment and so when it’s time to find caterpillars we search the cabbages to find a few.

We feed them on cabbage leaves until they crawl to the top and develop into cocoons. It’s a thrill waiting on the little cocoons to hatch and see the beautiful butterflies unfold their wings and fly free.


We always free them as soon as they hatch so we can go and find more!

The kids have hung up a butterfly feeder in the garden next to the flowers so we can free them somewhere they can find food.

Insect Lore Butterfly Growing Kit – With Voucher to Redeem Caterpillars Later


Large Kids Play Tent

This play tent is magical. We have set this up in the past so we can lay down and watch the clouds or the stars move over us.

We’ve had late night supper picnics in here and the kids love to play in it when we have barbeques with their friends over. It’s so pretty with twinkling lights and lots of room to spread around in.

This beautiful tent has so many possibilities that it would be silly not to have it ready to be pulled out.

Monobeach Princess Tent Girls Large Playhouse Kids Castle Play Tent with 20 Feet Star Lights for Children Indoor and Outdoor Games, 55” x 53” (DxH)


Exploration Kit

This is a great outdoor gift for kids, it’s  another Exploration kit, but for slightly older kids, This will be perfect for other kids so the feel more ‘techy’.

The kit contains binoculars, magnifying glass, a whistle, a hand crank and a flash light perfect for exploring in the woods or at night.

The kit also contains a compass and comes in a pretty tin case to keep everything together. My eldest ED will love this and will really help when we have our riverside campfires or bug hunts.

Outdoor Exploration Kit for Young Kids | Tin Case with: Binoculars, Magnifying Glass, Whistle, Hand-Crank Flashlight, Lensatic Compass in Beautiful Tin Case for Carrying and Storing

So there you go, lots of unusual and unique ideas to buy for your kids this year. Less clutter and these gifts have so many uses that the kids will never get fed up.

They won’t replace screen time and boredom completely but they’ll make your job as parents, trying to get the kids out more a bit easier and a lot more fun.

Do you have any suggestion you’d add to this list??? I’d love to hear your suggestions below.

[erfect products to help get kids outdoors. these awesome gifts for girls or boys gives you perfect projects to get families together and outdoors whether it's in the woods or the gardens. Brilliant activities to prevent the clutter and give lots of fun and ideas to your kids to fire their imaginations.

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