Create An Outdoor Lifestyle With Your Kids

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Well if 2020 doesn’t make you want to run for the great outdoors I don’t know what will.

After a long battle with Covid 19, we are all pretty fed up of being indoors. If your family is like mine, they can’t wait to get back out and enjoy life again.

But, If it’s not something your used to, how do you get make a start at getting out more and eventually making more time for being outdoors?

If your a mum you know how busy life gets from work, school, and after-school clubs not to mention the million other jobs that we do everyday.

We dream of keeping our kids off their screens and wandering far and wide outdoors as a family, we might even buy clothing and equipment to encourage them outdoors.
Still they sit in front of the TV, computer or tablets.

Family life can be a stressful experience for parents, the guilt and worry we experience everyday wondering if our kids are getting the right vitamins, exercise and food.

Trying to juggle it all and making sure our kids are seeing friends and joining after-school clubs

Experience amazing views and scenery which improves your mood and tires out the kids.

Why is having an outdoor lifestyle so hard?

But there’s nowhere to play…

More people living in smaller homes with little to no gardens. If you don’t know your area or you live in a busy town it can be intimidating trying to find some outdoor space you feel comfortable being in with your kids.

But I’m scared…

The television and newspapers are so full of bad things happening. (I mean ..2020? Hello?)
We are bombarded with kidnapping, traffic accidents, stranger danger and so many more terrifying things.

Whether it’s thanks to television and social media we hear about these things more or if the world is just crazier than it used to be I’ve no idea but it certainly gives us parents a lot to worry about.

But I’ve no time..

We’re all super busy and running around living our lives. Juggling kids, work, cooking and cleaning makes it hard to fit in time for the outdoors.

Back when I was a kid, we played around the streets till the street lights came on or we got hungry. If we caused any trouble or needed help someone would help where ever we were playing. We knew it would be passed back to our parents so we knew to behave.

We felt safe.

Our parents felt safe letting us roam because they did the same.

But now,. There is so much reporting of accidents, crimes and generally just bad new out there. That and an abandonment of village cultures.

“It takes a village to raise a child”

Every one of our neighbours looked after us. If you needed something there was always something to ask.
If there was any trouble then someone’s mum would sort it and if there was always someone watching out for us all.

Nowadays, no one wants to know their neighbours. Were all too busy worrying about our own lives to spare a thought for others folk kids and more to the point our kids don’t play outdoors. They play online with their friends instead or chat via apps.

I used to love playing games like Kerby on the actual road.

Have you ever played that game?

Most kids did back then. You and a friend start on opposite sides of the road with a ball.

Take it in turns to throw the ball at the kerbstone at the opposite site of the road, if you bounce off the kerb and catch the ball, you can then stand in the middle of the road and try bounce again on the kerb to boost your points. If you miss it’s the other players turn.

We used to spend hours and hours playing this during summer break but my goodness id never allow my kids out to play it now.

Can you imagine playing that nowadays??

Unless your lucky enough to live in a small village with little to no cars it would never fly now with the sheer amount of cars on the road.

I live on the edge of a busy town with my family. It’s still quite rural and I have a golf course, woodlands and park lands around me. Still, the roads are so busy I’d never let my kids out to play on a road.

It can be tough to know where to start so here are out

So, how do we develop an outdoor lifestyle?

Better yet, how to we make it an essential part of our family life that brings us together and doesn’t become just another chore?

Try out these tips to create some outdoor fun for all

First, Make A Plan

I literally take a calendar and mark off everything we need to do, appointments and events. Anything I can think of, then block off chunks of time where you can that would allow outdoor fun.

Pencil in time each week and stick to it. Make a plan of when n where n what’s needed. You can also check out local events in your area. Many areas have free events and unusual activities to introduce your kids to.

There’s a lot of ideas on this post from activities, crafts and projects.

An Outdoor Lifestyle – Play WITH Them

It’s so easy to send your kids out into the garden to play while you get on with chores indoors, but it’s so important to go with your kids.

It shows that it’s something we can all enjoy together, it tells your kids that getting outdoors together is so important for everyone and sets good examples for their future.

Keep Snacks Stocked

When kids are running around burning energy, they get hungry, so keep healthy snacks around.

Check out this post on getting out more during summer.

An Outdoor Lifestyle Means -Go Whatever The Weather

If you’ve made a plan to go out and enjoy the outdoors as a family, go whatever the weather. Show your kids how much fun nature can be in all its glory.

Make sure you pack the right gear and have waterproof jackets, wellies, an umbrella etc. if you have what you need.

Here’s some weather themed activities and crafts to try

Getting outdoors helps kids learn and enjoy the world around them.

Get The Right Equipment For Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Because you’ve done a plan in advance, you know what you need to have from umbrellas, waterproof coats, snacks, swim clothes, sun cream and towels etc.

Keep whatever your going to need in a ‘Go’ bag so when it’s time to go you don’t have to waste a lot of time searching for sun cream, pulling out water shoes or maps.

Even keep it in the car so there’s no last minute searching around eating into the time you do have.

You can also fill your backyard with fun equipment for kids to enjoy. Check our favourites here.

Hopefully these tips will help you create an outdoor lifestyle your family love. Get out more and be able to build some outdoor family time into your week. Let us know what your outdoor fun looks like in the comments below.

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