Quick And Easy Daffodil Crafts For Kids

quick and easy daffodil crafts for children

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Quick And Easy Daffodil Crafts For Kids

 Finally, the first daffodil has arrived after a rotten Winter, we are finally seeing signs of change. My little mindee arrived this morning with her Wellington boots in hand and announced we were going to the woods on a flower hunt. Great idea!
So, off we went to the woods near my home. We were off to investigate yellow things; road works, street signs and obviously daffodils!!
Daffodils are such a sign of hope and a sign of what’s to come…hopefully! The long Winter is over and we can start getting out more and having so many adventures. I realised how excited I was getting for Spring as I watched my little mindee trekking through the woods without a care.
We found lots of snow drops, pinecones, sticks and daffodils. We decided to leave the real flowers for the bees but we have walked home full of intentions to celebrate the humble daffodil.
Quick and Easy daffodil crafts for kids
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An invitation To Make A Daffodil

 I set up a simple tray of craft supplies. The only direction i gave my kids was to make a daffodil. They spend ages playing with the dough and making all sorts of flower shapes. This one came out the best and it was so simple.

Pin Wheels. 

These are an age-old toy to have lots of fun with and they are so easy to make. Just check out nurturestore for instructions on how to make these fantastic pin-wheels. Last year, we actually made these out of thick plastic bag material so we could put them outside in the garden. They lasted MONTHS!

Stain Glass.

Stained Glass Daffodil Flower Decorations for Children to Make and Hang (Pack of 6)

 Every month and for every occasion we always make sun-catchers. There are so many materials you could use from tissue paper to left over sweet wrappers (the see-through kind)

We bought this set here and made some lovely stain glass flowers to decorate the patio doors. Every time the Spring sun shines the living room glows with coloured light.

Daffodil Printing

  1. Using cardboard tubes from inside kitchen rolls, cut one into 5 or 6 pointed sections and spread them out like a star. The other one you need to squash slightly to make the leave shape
  2. Providing your little one with some yellow, orange and green paint, simply stamp the star shapes all along one edge of the paper.
  3. We then turned the paper upside down so AJ could reach and then applied a row of green leave shapes. 
  4. using a brush or your fingers, make straight stems to joint he flower heads to the leaves and your all done.

Daffodil Biscuits

These biscuits by the gingerbreadhouse are so cute. We are making them soon but the kids want to use marshmallows covered in orange chocolate melts to make the centre part of the flower so it sticks out like a real daffodil. Any excuse for a marshmallow in my book !!

Pop Up Daffodils

These pop up daffodils from kidscraftroom are something different. They are so easy for kids to do. I’m tempted to make the green ‘grass’ plate more of a cone shape so it’s easier to hold,  but these ones are fab. Kids LOVE  anything that pops up!!

Realistic Origami Paper Daffodils

 This video from Surula World, shows how to make amazing origami daffodils. There are so many variations. We’re definately making these to put in a vase. ED my 11 year old has taking a huge liking to origami recently so this will keep him amused for hours.

Daffodil Snack Pots

Quick And Easy Daffodil Crafts For Kids

What a wonderful idea, and so simple to make Check out the instructions for this cute idea from Martha Stewart. These will be fantastic for our Easter snacks too.

Terracota Plant Pots.

Each year we try to find a different way to display our tiny daffodils. We use them all round the house but especially on the dining table. This lovely idea from Upstateramblings is perfect for displaying our tiny daffodils in. Instead of making thumbprint butterflies, we made thumbprint daffodils by adding an extra print so there was 5 petals. We put them on a disused cake stand and they look amazing.

Daffodil Paper Straws.

Quick And Easy Daffodil Crafts For Kids

 TheFavourStylist has this light and beautiful but easy craft to make a paper daffodil straw. A bunch of these would look amazing on the windowsill. They’re so dainty!!
So, there you have some fantastic daffodil crafts you can try with the kids. You could also try here for more Spring ideas!
I’d love to hear how you get on? Drop me a comment below and let me know!!
 quick and easy daffodil crafts for children
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