Reconnect Your Family With The Great Outdoors

Join up to this 5 day email challenge and get the kids outdoors more.

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Ready to reconnect Your Family With Outdoors??

This family challenge to ‘get outdoors more’ is aimed at every busy family. We are all busy people and when you have multiple kids, your honestly just trying to keep up and make it through the day!!
( Or is that just me?)

Try this 5 day email course to help you get the kids enjoying family time outdoors

So, are you;
  • Fed up with communicating with your kids through a phone or a tablet?
  • Do you wish you could strengthen the bond between you?
  • Maybe you wish you had time to get out together, making the outdoors an essential part of everyday life and making some memories along the way?

 Then this challenge might just be for you!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to prise the kids fingers off their phones and get them to agree to get outdoors, never mind actually making time to get outdoors with everything else you have to do.
My kids for example love being outdoors, we bug hunt, play in the woods, run around in the sprinkler or play at the beach. But, if it’s left to the kids they’d never move from the chair, in front of the tv or tablet.
Getting outdoors at a young age is so important for a childs developement
I do limit the amount of time my kids are allowed these screens and they’re kept as a reward for keeping their chores done like tidying their room etc.
Technology definitely has its place but not at the expense of their childhood.

SO,What is this challenge?

I really believe children need the outdoors. There is some sort of NEED in our core to have a connection to the outside world.
 I grew up in a time where, if the school was on holiday we had our breakfast and left to play with friends, not returning unless we were hungry or the street lights came on.
The world we live in is completely different. Kids don’t often have access to free play outdoors and this is sad. The lack of homes with gardens or safe streets with Cul-De-Sacs takes that freedom away. It’s not considered safe to play in the woods or roam around with friends, So how can we replace that essential feeling of freedom and independance?
Outdoors is fabulous for kids
We’re not made to be secluded on our own in a box staring at a screen. So, I designed this course to help busy parents like me, find time to get their kids out more.
We need to spend quality time together and to get much-needed fresh air as well as an experience a rich connection to nature and the world around us.

We all need light, air and green spaces.

Outdoor kids have a balanced lifestyle

SO, How will this challenge work?

For the next 5 days you will get an email giving you a fun and simple task to focus you on your goal.
There’s also a ton of simple, quick and easy ideas you can try to inspire you to get out and enjoy each day.

Get the kids outdoors with these simple excersizes.

At the end of the 5 day challenge you will have  :

  • Worked out when you have time to get outdoors.
  • Made a list of all the activities you could try when you do have time so your never stuck with “what are we doing today?”
  • Made a list of short cuts and time-saving tips to give you more time outside guilt free.
  • Worked out how to enjoy the outdoors without spending a lot of money.
  • Put your plan to work and start to enjoy adventures outdoors with your family!
After this challenge is over, I hope you feel more empowered to ditch the technology in favour of the great outdoors (at least some of the time)

So, are you ready for this challenge?

If you’re not quite ready for this challenge, that’s ok, why not check out some of these activities and build up to joining the challenge later.
Pin this for laterGet your family outdoors more with this 5 day email challenge. Engage your kids with this fun challenge.
And, if your ready to get started, click the link or picture below and let’s get going.

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