Garden Resources For beginners

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These garden resources for beginners are so helpful to the new gardeners popping up everywhere especially among younger people.

It’s been shown that we benefit from more time outdoors so why not spend time growing something you love.

This post is designed to help beginner gardeners learn the basics and find resources that can help us all garden better

This post is stuffed full of products we use and love to help you get started on your gardening journey.

We have included affiliate links to these products so you can check them out yourself. If you choose to buy through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Top Garden Resources For Beginners

A simple ebook that covers all the basics to growing vegetables for beginners. It’s easy enough ito follow that kids can follow along.

If your struggling to find time, space and budget to garden? This guide has tons on ideas

A full sent of planning sheets for any space you choose to garden in. It also has a sowing calendar, layout planner, what to recycle compost sheet, companion planting and everything you need to make this growing season a success.

You don’t need every tool in the box, you just need to right tools. This list gives you a complete run down of must have tools to keep in your shed.

Quick guide to growing a wide range of fruit on your patio. There’s so many different varieties to try, where will you start?

Growing herbs is a super easy but useful way to start gardening. Find out how you can use your herbs here.

You can also find out how grow them here

12 plants for kids to grow. From fruit, flowers to vegetables these easy to grow crops are a good place to start for beginners.

Ok once you grow your own patio fruit, what do you do with them? These are some of our favourite berry Recipes to help you get started.

some of our best gardening tips for beginners are included in this popular garden guide for beginners.

Remember to tell us what your favourite tip is.

If you don’t want to grow your own fruit you can always forage for it. Apples, raspberries, elderberries, plums and brambles all grow wild here so there is an awesome amount of free food to use.

Keep track of your varieties and plans with a garden journal. Help make improvements as you go and record successes.

A complete beginners guide to getting started. All you need to know to start your own beginner vegetable garden.

Tools – Important Resources For Beginner Gardeners

Some of our favourite tools for gardening with kids. Children respond to ‘real’ tools, all too often, adult tools are too big for children to use effectively, leading to frustration and tears. So if you really want to encourage kids to get out and enjoy gardening, invest in these bright colourful tools now. Remember to get your 10% Off with code GHK10.

Watering Can Kit

Blue children’s watering can, with two fun character hand tools: a trowel and a fork.
The fabulous kit will keep the kids outside doing all those garden ‘chores’, and loving every minute

Gardening kit

This colourful kids gardening tool set contains a watering can, hand trowel, fork and rake.  The high-quality, metal tools have a wooden handle with hanging loop. Just the job for helping in the garden, watering the flowers or playing in the sand pit.

Gardening Spade

Good sturdy spade is essential to gardening.

This is a good size for more kids and it’s bright and colourful too.

Garden Trowel

Theres no more useful tool in the garden than a garden trowel and this colourful sturdy trowel with help kids garden with style

Children’s Tool Belt

Your little gardener would be proud to own this set of sturdy tools that comes with their own tool belt The colourful metal tools have smooth wooden handles and the belt has an adjustable strap for a snug fit. 

A Dustpan And Brush Set.

A children’s mini dustpan and brush, just like mum and dad’s!  Encourage your little helpers to tidy up the garden with this cheerful set.  Wooden handles have hanging loops for easy storage. Available in a range of colours.

Reçycled projects To Try While Gardening With Kids

Growing Kit Resources For Beginners

Some of our favourite ways to get kids involved provide a chance to practice something new with everything you need and come with full instructions.

A fun mini greenhouse that’s perfect for growing seeds with children. They can easily see their seeds grow and transform into veg, flowers or fruit. Available from here

Terracotta growing pot containing all you need to grow tomato, strawberry, chilli or carrots. Take a look here

Windowsill strawberry planter

Everything you need to grow your own vegetable plants on your windowsill. Kids and beginners can follow the simple instructions from seed all the way to plate.

We get all our gardening kits from and thanks to us, you can get 10% Off by using our code GHK10 as well as great customer service.

Essential Gardening Clothes For Kids

Gardening can be dirty business and you don’t want to focus on keeping the kids clean so kitting them out with the right clothes can save a lot of stress later.


A good sturdy pair of kids gardening gloves is essential to good gardening. Kids will quickly lose interest if they’re hands are stuck in sticky cold mud for long.

Take a look here for more ideas

Wellington boots turned into a planter

Wellington Boots

These again are must for gardening at any time of year. Boots keep kids feet safe from tools, and stones etc as well as clean and dry. Invest in a good sturdy set like these. And when your finished with them you can turn them into a strawberry planter!!

Boy Splashing in puddles

Splash Suits

Ones like this are a great investments when your gardening with kids. It makes it so much easier to concentrate on having fun when your not freaking out about getting dirty.

Find other essential clothing for your kids here.

Vegetable garden course

Wildlife Gardening Resources For Beginners

Encouraging chdren to connect with wildlife is the first step in creating a more caring world in our future. Check out more wildlife tips and ideas here.

Theres even more fun for wildlife here

Paint your own butterfly house

Paint Your Own Butterfly House

Encourage beautiful butterflies into your garden and they will help pollinate your garden flowers

Hexagon Bee hotel

Hexagon Bug Hotel

A bright and stylish bee house for harmless solitary bees to lay eggs in. It also helps all sorts of beneficial insects to survive over the winter

Wildlife book

This fabulous book is a great starting place for any budding wildlife lover.

Spending time gardening with your kids can be a little daunting for a complete beginner so start all with a few wildlife gardening projects. Help the birds, and hedgehogs with these fantastic ideas.

Encourage your kids to garden can be the best gift they recieve this year.

Check out even more wildlife kits here

More Resources For Beginners

So, there you go. Our Best Garden Resources For Beginners. Now go get out there and grow grow grow. Remember we are alway on hand if you need any help. Just drop us a comment below

Watering can is a must for beginner gardeners
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