garden toys and equipment

Garden Toys And Equipment

Fill your garden full of fun toys and equipment to help encourage kids outdoors. Your backyard can be an amazing place With some of these  ideas

Fairy Garden Kit

Let your little ones garden just like you. 

Kids will love planting and watching their own little garden grow  and with this Fairy Garden Set, they can Plant, Grow, Play as well as using their imagination.

This kit contains everything necessary to plant a tiny garden and watch it take shape.

Flower Garden Building Set

A wonderful garden themed building set 

 Kids can mix and match pieces to create different flowers at will. 

Great for developing their aesthetic feeling.

Suitable for 3-6 Year Olds.

Kids Foldable Playhouse

 A wonderful way to provide children with their own space for role-playing, stimulate their imagination, and improve their social skills.

As well as being eco-friendly & durable materials, its also super easy to build and is FOLDABLE. So no matter the space you have you can have a playhouse.

Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

A trampoline is a fantastic way to get kids moving and burning off some energy. 

Not only for bouncing around on, kids love to lay on them to chat and sunbathe, even having a picnic on there.

2 Pack Set Kids Archery Bow Arrow Toy

This is a brilliant set for kids.

Keep your little ones active with this target set. It comes with  Suction Cup Arrows, bows, targets and even a quiver.This set even lights up. 

Muddy Maker Mud Outdoor Kitchen

Our kids love our mudkitchen. This one comes with  removable splash tub, pots and pans, storage, hanging rail, chalkboard, and serving station.  

Can also be used for water play, sowing seeds, bubbles and so much more.