Spring is a wonderful time to spend time with your family and get out on the garden more. Here are some of our favourite projects to get you in the garden and have fun. 

101 Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy This Spring- With FREE Printable Planner It can be really stressful knowing what to do with the kids when your faced with time off school and the first words you hear are “I’m bored!”. Nightmare, you have a deadline to get to or your out of funds for …

How cute are these fabulous Spring themed Cress Egg Heads? Cress heads have been around for a long time and have been done is so many different ways. Cress is such a simple and fun way to introduce kids to growing seeds because they’re small and super fast to grow, which makes it a perfect …

How cute are these ‘sun catcher’ wind spinners? Today the kids wanted to make something fun for the garden so we decided on these and I could not have expected the results to be so fab! These spinners were super easy to make but do need a little adult help to cut the wire etc. …

Super Simple Way To Grow Seeds (When You Have NO Garden) A.K.A SEED BOMBS Do you wish you could get the kids gardening but don’t have a garden? or no idea how to start? No Garden = No problem! If you don’t have your own garden to plant in, or room for a few pots, …

Well hello Spring! Suddenly the birds are singing, the bulbs are bursting open with colour and the mornings are growing lighter. Now is the time to get in the garden to get seeds started and pull any weeds. You can also reuse any old toys the kids have out grown and make some unique planters..

How to make your own seed starters which are made from recycled materials and are eco friendly. Look after the planet and learn to grow with..

Quick And Easy Daffodil Crafts For Kids  Finally, the first daffodil has arrived after a rotten Winter, we are finally seeing signs of change.

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Here is my list of our favourite weather crafts and activities. So, no matter what the weather go and make the best of it!!

Backyard family fun might be an unusual topic in these very strange times, but when would be a better time spend it with family? 

I’m not sure about you but we have seen pretty bottle planters EVERYWHERE so we thought we would try make our own version, with a twist!

Learn how to make compost at home for your own plants. With this idea, compost can be made in small quantities. Perfect for a few pots on the patio. It’s also a great way to teach your kids about soil life.

17 Quick And Easy Earth Day Activities For Kids Each year we celebrate Earth Day. It’s a day designed to help us look at ways to reduce our waste, especially plastics and recycle our un-wanted items and reuse what we can. All to remind us of how we can help keep our wonderful planet healthy. 

Why Not Try Our Fantastic Plastic Bottle Top Garden Idea!! This plastic bottle top art ideas came from us modifying our kids garden. 

A QUICK GUIDE TO MAKING A NATURE JOURNAL. Winter is not in the mood to budge today. It’s so cold outdoors that we’re stuck inside together. So rather than get fed up and start arguing with each-other we’ve decided to begin the year with A Nature Journal.