Start A Garden To Achieve Your Goals

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It’s a new year, we are all looking for a fresh start, making New Year Resolutions, trying new habits and planning good intentions.

But do you ever stick to your resolutions and achieve your goals?

Drink more water, exercise more, eat more so many ways to change yourself and your life but will you succeed???

What if I told you to start a garden and it can give you the results you want and more!

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Start A Garden To Achieve Your Goals
Start A Garden To Achieve Your Goals

Starting a garden gives you everything you need to make and stick to all your new lifestyle changes without the cost, and hard work of gyms, slimming clubs and all that jazz.

So, buckle up and let’s find out how to start a garden to make 2020 the year you stick to your resolutions.

Start by downloading my garden planning sheets. These will guide you through where to start.

The beginning of the year is the best time to take stock and think about growing your own food. Whether it’s in a pot or a full size plot. 

Taking time to think and plan, pays off later.

Vegetable garden course
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How A Garden Can Help You Achieve Your Goals..

Whatever your resolutions are for the year ahead, gardening help. Yes really!

If you want to go the gym more? Pick up a spade and dig over a plot. The bending lifting and cardio gives you a full work out.

Want to get fit gardening? Check this out!

Wanna Lose weight? Spending more time in the garden helps you move more, exercise more and have good nitritious food to eat. (And stops you being too close to the kitchen to feed your face? Just me?)

Start growing Vegetables to achieve your goals this year

Eating something you have grown yourself is a wonderful boost to your self esteem, your vitamin in take, as well as, your waistline. 

You become more adventurous too, eager to try something else, to use every vegetable you have raised from seed.

Going vegan this year? Well your going to need alot of vegetables to give you the nutrition and tasty meals to help reinvent your eating habits.

 Gardening also helps limit food miles, chemicals and pollution.

If we all grow our own food there would be less planes and trucks importing food from around the world.

We all want to better ourselves in some way and the beginning of a new year is the best time to make those changes from losing weigh, reducing your carbon footprint, spending more quality family time.

 Sticking to them takes will power, but if you can pop to your back yard to do it, you’ll find it so much easier to maintain.

Here are 12 ways gardening can help you be a better you!


1. You Want To Spend More Time With Your Kids? Start A Garden.

In the chaos of the Monday to Friday routine, I feel my time is spent between playing referee to my 3 kids and barely hanging on waiting for bedtime!  

Click & Grow Smart Indoor Herb Garden

It’s a busy week between getting ready for school, housework, appointments, writing posts for you guys with a toddler at home then all the night time after school activities (phew!)

My husband and I pass occasionally in the corridor but quality time? Forget it!

But in the garden you can spend time looking at seeds, sowing them, tasting different vegetables and fruit and even crafting or printing with paint with natural materials to make growing and being outdoors fun. 

Check out some ideas for fun garden projects and activities here

You could give your kids 

Start a garden and growing vegetables helps beat goals

2. Do You Want To Get Fit? Start A Garden

Gardening together can be a wonderful way to lose weight to get fit.

Being in the garden can give you a full body work out easily and it’s also super easy to adapt your gardening activities to your individual abilities.

It doesn’t need to be a full plot you dig over, simple things like carrying tools, digging soil and squatting to sow seeds all count.

Not to mention being out in the fresh air will have it’s own benefits!

Here’s a list of tools to get you started 

3.Need To Eat Better? Then Start A Garden.

Making sure you get plenty of your 5 a day fruit and veggies means having lots of fruit and veg on-hand, but we can all get bored of orange carrots and green broccoli. 

But by growing your own vegetables, you can grow new varieties that are expensive to buy or not even available in the stores.

Vegetables can come in a huge range of colours, and shapes to brighten up your plate and give you so much more choices.

Check out how to grow these unique vegetables to start you off.

4. Start A Garden To Reduce Your Food Budget?

Growing your own fruit and vegetables saves a ton of money. Yes, you still have to buy the odd bag of compost and some seeds, but when a packet of seeds can contain up to 2500 seeds there is no comparison.

Growing these seeds(not all of them at once though, dont panick!) Provides regular, organic vegetables when you need them. 

There are various varieties that can extend the growing season, so you can stagger your growing to have certain fruit and veggies over a longer period of time or make enough to store, saving you more in the winter months too.

5. Is Reducing Plastic Your Goal? Start A Garden!

Growing your own food is the easiest way to reduce your plastic use.

Check out here to find out simple ways to get started.

You won’t have to buy plastic wrapped fruit and veg from the supermarket, no plastic bags and no air miles.

 If you really get into your gardening groove, you’ll be composting your vegetable peelings and other waste too.

Check out how to start your own compost here.

vegetable gardening fopr beginners.

6. Wanna Learn A New Skill? Starting A Garden Is The Answer.

What better skill to learn than how to provide food for yourself and your family?

Learn how to experiment with flavours, varieties, and crops to liven up your kitchen and feed your family organic, nutritious food.

There’s always new crops, varieties and techniques to try.

Teach yourself to cook, be great at DIY or become a better you, there’s no easier way than in a garden.

Vegetable gardening with kids is so much fun

7. Start A Garden And Be Happier!

Gardening will help with all aspects of your health and improve your mood.

Being outdoors can help you clear your mind, settle a busy mind as well as increase your vitamin D intake and lower stress.

Gardeners are a social bunch and love to share their knowledge and experience. 

Children love being outdoors in the garden

You could also try the Landshare Project started by Huge Fearnley Whittingstall.

People who have a small patch of land they can’t use are paired up with people who want to grow and they both share in the harvest.

Check out more about this here

If you really get the gardening bug, sign up for an official allotment.

It can get you out of the house, encourage you to be active and learn a ton of new information as well as open up new ways to make new friends.

And this post will show you how to get started once your perfect plot.

Starting, tending and harvesting a garden is a powerful way to destress.

8. Reduce Stress Is A Wonderful Goal, So Start A Garden

Growing your own vegetables and fruit is a powerful way to de-stress, your outdoors listening to nature, following the growing calendar and completing jobs at the right time. 

Gardening has a rythmn with is wonderful for those with chaos in their lives.

Top tips for starting your first vegetable garden.

You can garden with music, with friends or alone and enjoy the silence and the birds singing while you sow your seeds and harvest crops.

Start a garden with your family and why it will benefit you

It is my personal way to escape everyday chores and stress, while I enjoy the outdoors with my kids.

Try garden with your kids and teach them important life skills too.

9. Get Your Kids Spend Less Time On Screens And Start A Garden Together.

If your goal is to get your kids of their devices and screens and off the couch, the garden is a great place to go for all of the above reasons.

Here’s a few of our favourite guilt free apps

Growing something from seed and nurturing it with your kids is a special experience that is quite addictive.

They will feel the need to be out there all the time checking on their ‘babies’

Check out how to start your own vegetable garden with our Beginner’s Guide To Vegetable Gardening Course. Click the link above or the picture below to find out more.

Vegetable garden course

10. You Want To Help Others? Start A Garden And Make It Happen.

No matter how much I plan, I always grow more than we can use.

So, I help my neighbours, my relatives and our local food bank with my surplus.

When you grow your own, there is always an extra glut of fresh courgette, too many potatoes, more beetroot than you can count. 

Vegetable gardening is so beneficial to all and here's why.

Or Maybe, you know someone who grows the best apples or blueberries, instead of growing them trying to compete, grow something you can trade so you’re both winning.

So, how are you going to make 2020 the year you achieve your goals???

Let us know below!!

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