Step By Step Guide to Making A Christmas Wreath

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Step By Step Guide To Making A Christmas Wreath


Christmas is a perfect time to learn a new craft and try something new. So when my husband started complaining about the price of wreaths this year I decided we were going to give it a go.

Using materials from your own garden you can make one too!


The kids and I spent a lovely day on Saturday gathering some evergreen foliage and berries for us to use. It’s a beautiful way to bring nature into Christmas.

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Step By Step Guide to Making A Christmas Wreath

We had quite a bag of foliage by the time were done. (We had permission to collect the foliage.)

Pine needles

Holly sprigs




Yew branches

Red dog wood stems

we also used some Rosemary from my garden


Other bits we used include..

5 x Flat Wire Rings 12″ (31cm) Diameter

Binding Wire for Floristry & Flower Arranging

12 Red Glitter Mini Christmas Baubles Balls Matt 30mm Xmas Festive Tree Decoration Party Xmas Ornaments

50 Double Ended Red Berries On Wire (100 Berries) for Xmas Wreaths / Craft Work and Floristry (high gloss plaster berries)

Christmas Decorations Red 12 mini 60mm 6cm Rim Velvet Xmas Ribbon Bows Ornaments

Gardening gloves are useful too as the wire can nip.


step by step guide to making a christmas wreath
Our wire rings. You can get padded moss rings to make it easier if it helps.


Step By Step Guide to Making A Christmas Wreath


  1. Lay out your ingredients so everything is to hand. Secure the end of the wire to the ring.

2. Now make a small bunch of foliage. I liked to use the pine branches first, try 3 of these with 1 or 2 bits of other foliage to make a good size bunch.

3. Lay your bunch on the wire ring, and wrap the wire around it twice to secure it. You’re looking for the other end of the bunch to stick out the end. 

step by step guide to making a christmas wreath
Our first layer attached


4. Make another sprig and lay it slightly overlapping the 1st. It needs to slightly point off the edge. Keep going with these springs until you get all the way around the ring. The last one should nestle into the first nicely.

5. Check the shape of your ring is round. This sounds silly but ours was a squished shape until we fixed it so it might need a tweak here and there but don’t worry too much as were going to do the next layer and that sorts out a lot.

OK so far? Second Layer now…

6. Once you’re happy, make your sprigs again this time using the holly, rosemary ivy and your other ‘showy’ bits.

For this layer I took over, as the kids didn’t want to touch the spikey holly. The first bunch had rosemary and holly on top. I wrapped 2 of my bead berries around the sprig and wired it on.

making a christmas wreath
First bundle on

Then the next bunch I put on was ivy heather and dogwood stems. Third thing I did was wire on a pinecone. Just make sure the wire catches the pinecone around the base right down in the bottom of the pinecones spikey bits.


7. Repeat the 3 versions all the way around your ring I got 5 of each around ours.

8. Once you’re done. Hang it up or stand it up and have a look at it. Are there any gaps, is there anything missing? If so you can cut some wire and tie things on where you need it. I used some small red baubles and mini ribbons to fill in the gaps. Try to use odd numbers of things 3, 5, 7 as it looks better.

step by step to making a christmas wreath
Almost There!

9. Hang your wreath up and enjoy it. The kids made a second one for the neighbours then made one for their room without holly on it. They made some salt dough star decorations and hung these from their wreath. Beautiful!!

 guide to making a christmas wreath
Our neighbours wreath with different colours


Have some fun with this and let me know how you get on.

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This was such an easy thing to make with a little practise.

If this craft has got you in the Christmas mood why not try making a beautiful Christmas Candle Decoration for your Christmas table.

Some delicious Christmas Muffins from this recipe here or if you still need some inspiration for christmas gifts, why not try a  gift from your garden this year?

Check out my post on Crafty Gifts for kids for ideas!!.

Have a Wonderful Christmas Everyone!!!

Wreath for christmas

Ever wondered how to make a beautiful Christmas wreath for your door using materials from your own garden. Find out how to make your own here.

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