No-junk stocking fillers for kids

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Check Out These No-Junk Stocking Fillers For Kids

Indoor Cress Garden £4.75

These are fab, no-junk stocking fillers is perfect for beginners

Cress seed is a fast growing crop and germinates really easily, so your littles ones don’t have to wait very long to see their seeds grow.

The little figures that come with this set offer a way to ‘play’ with your seeds while waiting.

Role playing as a farmer or allotmenteer tending their plot. I actually printed out pictures of my kids and their friends so they could stick them onto the labels and be themselves.

After the cress had grown and was devoured by our kids, we reused the etc to grow a range of microgreens. Microgreen are seedlings of larger plants that you intend to eat as seedlings. Eating these microgreens before they gre much bigger than an inch or so. Because they are eaten alot earlier, they are packed with flavour and nutrient and can be grown withing a few days. That ment we could keep using this set with the lid to explore new flavour and types of vegetables over and over and my kids could continue to play farmer.

I find this set to be a fantastic addition to our winter growing activities when the weather’s not so good to be exploring our allotment and veg patch but the kids can still grow and have a connection to growing food while winter ranges around us.

You could use a shallow dish with drainage holes to grow seeds this way but this little set is super cute and robust enough for repeated use. The characters add a fun play side to growing and it still looks like a toy so sits happily in your child’s gift selection as well as displayed on your windowsill if your not keen on a plastic dish sitting there.

The hungry Caterpillar Watering Can Kit £ 15.00

This beautiful kit is a flower-printed children’s watering can, with two robust metal hand tools: a trowel and a fork perfect for your budding gardener.
We love The Very Hungry Caterpillar story and use it as a base for lots of our learning and growing.

This lovely kit has helped my kids grow and explore outside doing fun chores and feeling all grown up with their ‘proper tools’ just like mum – not just a plastic toy version.

I don’t know about you but my kids want to help all the time just to use the grown up tools and machines they see us using daily.

These tools are well made and robust to do any garden task. The watering can too is light and a good size for kids to handle without looking like a ‘kids toy’

It’s designed to have a large rose sprinkler to help children water the plants gently, no matter how fast they pour.

If you love The hungry Caterpillar as much as we do, you might also love the Paint Your Own Hungry Caterpillar Butterfly House and even a Paint Your Own Hungry Caterpillar Plant Pot just click the button below and search for hungry Caterpillar.

My First Mini Greenhouse and Growing Kit £13.00

This is our favourite No-junk stocking filler idea, clutter free and so much fun.

This set is on my son’s Christmas list and I can’t wait. A reusable mini greenhouse which will allow him to keep growing seeds on the windowsill all year round.

My son will love this set. He can explore growing seeds as well as take and grow cuttings.

A small green house teaches a lot about the light, temperatures and conditions plants need.

Kids can see through the walls to keep an eye on the plant they’re growing and they can adjust the ventilation and light their plant needs. The set comes with seeds for cress, sunflowers and the very pretty coleus plant.

You can sow any seeds in this greenhouse again and again. We plan to start of tomatoes in this in February. I will put a white piece of paper on one side to enhance the light available.

This set comes with everything you need to get started sowing these seeds, a compost disk, widger and dibber, plant labels, instructions and growing guide, as well as the seeds and greenhouse.

Size: 31 x 27 x 6.5 cm
Age 5 years+

Kids Googly Eyed Grow Pots £5.25

Now, here’s a little stocking filler your kids will love. This no-junk stocking filler will provide hours of fun.

We bought these last Christmas and had so much fun over the winter and into spring growing our vegetable friends.

It’s essentially a clay pot full of soil you sow seeds into and wait for them to grow. This set however has a few extra activities to make growing fun for your kids like googly eyes and fun characters to add and play with.

You can place your pot on a windowsill or in a mini greenhouse or propagator like the one above.

Ok nice you’ve sown your seeds, simply cut out the character and stick on the googly eyes to add a little fun while you wait for your seeds

A perfect stocking filler for kids as these seeds are best grown in late winter and early spring onwards for a fun project for the lull after Christmas.

Comes with a choice of vegetable in four varieties: Tomato, Carrot, Sweet Pepper and Strawberry.

Contains: Seeds, terracotta pot, compost disc and googly eyes.

No-Junk Stocking Filler Snake Plant Sprayer £7.00

Now if you have small children, you will know the fun that can be had from a simple plant sprayer. Hours of fun for kids to water plants, wash toys or make it rain.

Grow your own Christmas Gifts

So many uses for this sprayer. Although it does seem a tad expensive, now that we have our own, I can tell you it’s well worth it.

It’s made of thick plastic, my son has had one for over a year and it’s still going strong. Previous versions of sprayers he’s had in the past only lasted a few days at a time so it’s definitely made of better stuff.

Grass Head Growing Kit £4.85

Windowsill gardening is alot of fun with these cute.grass head kits.

I have fond memories of making one of these with sawdust and a pair.of old tights when I was younger, thank goodness for progress.

Simply sprinkle the grass seed into the ceramic planter and watch your “hair” grow.

Kids can have fun trimming the hair, putting it in bunches or even adding ribbons and embellishments.

This is a fantastic gift anytime of the year.

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Den Building Kit £40.00

im not sure who is more exited about this kit for Christmas..My son LOVES and I mean loves making dens. Wigwams, teepees, caves and even pillow forts. If your kids are like mine they will love this set.

These fantastic kits were designed by a head teacher who wanted to encourage her pupils to get off the sofa and go and play outside. 

Each kit contains everything needed for outdoor adventures, just add some kids and lots of imagination.

Easy to make Christmas decorations from your garden.

Blue Cottage Garden kit: heavy duty shoulder bag containing purple tarpaulin; fleecy blanket; ground sheet; 10m real rope; tent pegs and bag; wooden mallet, full instructions.

Khaki Kit: heavy duty shoulder bag containing camouflage tarpaulin; green groundsheet; mega mallet; 10m real rope; tent pegs and bag; big metal mug; camo stick; comes with full instructions.

Mini Magnifying Glass £2.75

Every child needs a magnifying glass! What better way to explore the world than with this little magnifying glass. We bought these.last year as a stocking filler and I have been shocked how often the kids still use them.

Awesome Family Fun This Christmas

We use them for bug hunts, looking at leaves and bark, passing clouds and even the stars at night.

This simple magnifying glass has added a sprinkle of wonder and magic to our everyday live.

Hexagon Bee House £16.00

Why not add this original bee house to your garden. Like a large bug house it’s great for all sorts of solitary bees to find a cosy hole to survive the winter in. Made from sustainable timber, containing cardboard tubes.  Perfect gift for any bee lover.

You just need a sheltered south/west facing fence or tree, about 1-2m from the floor. In the spring, plant bee friendly flowers near the house and watch as they all buzz about!

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