Super Simple Way To Grow Seeds with seed bombs

Wildflower seed bombs

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Super Simple Way To Grow Seeds (When You Have NO Garden) A.K.A SEED BOMBS

Do you wish you could get the kids gardening but don’t have a garden? or no idea how to start?

No Garden = No problem!

If you don’t have your own garden to plant in, or room for a few pots, don’t worry! Here is a super simple way you can teach the kids to make seed bombs with paper so you can make your local area a little bit brighter!

When You Have NO Garden grow with seed bombs

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Have you heard the term ‘Guerilla gardening?’ It’s a growing phenomenon where Gardener’s who find themselves without a place to grow plants are taking to searching their local area for patches of unloved and unwanted land around them.

I’m not asking you to plant up a whole field here or to trespass where you shouldn’t be!!

Small patches of wasteland at the edge of your car parking area or on the round-a-bout on your way to school can all be improved easily and make such a huge difference to everyone who sees them.

Wildlife will also benefit from these small patches of flowers and plants for nectar and protection.

 Grow wildflowers with Seeds bombs (When You Have NO Garden)

In some cases, all it takes is for one little change on a patch of land to cause a chain reaction for the local community to improve other areas.

For example, If you improve a tiny patch on the roundabout outside school, other mums may see it and love the change, in turn they decide to improve a patch outside their streets or the bit beside their garage etc. Suddenly an un-tidy community suddenly has pride for its surrounding area, litter starts to disappear, glass bottles stop being smashed etc and everyone benefits from this one little change you made to your small patch.

So, why not make a change somewhere near you? How I hear you ask!

One super simple way to do this is to make seed bombs.

So, How do you make Seed bombs from paper?

Seed bombs (When You Have NO Garden)

To Make these cute little Seed Bombs.

  • Tear up some brown wrapping paper or newspaper into small pieces and soak them in a bowl of water, stirring them in.  Try squashing them with your hands to break them up a little.

Super Simple Way To Grow Seeds (When You Have NO Garden)

  • Once the paper is mushy and completely soaked, flatten a piece in your hand

Ways To plant Seeds (When You Have NO Garden)

  • Sprinkle over some of your chosen seeds and then cover the seeds with more wet paper and roll into a ball.
  • Squeeze out all the water. The drier you get the ball the quicker it will be ready to dry.

  • Wrap your ball in coloured tissue paper to smooth the balls and keep any escaping seeds from falling off as it dries.Super Simple Way To Grow Seeds
  • Leave to dry for a couple of days for them to dry and then ‘plant’ them in an area in need of brightening up.
  • We planted some on our favourite river walk, in a clearing in a patch of woodland near our home, and we put one in a pot at the front door so the kids can see  the seedlings coming up close at hand.Super Simple Way To Grow Seeds (When You Have NO Garden)
  • The kids can’t wait until they grow. It takes around 4-6 weeks for them to begin to grow and will grow quickly once you see the seedlings.  Try to water them if it doesn’t rain soon after planting. Most annual flowers like poor soil, so you don’t need to worry about feeding them.

Seed bomb

We used Calendula, Cornflower, Poppy and Marigold seeds. You could use any hardy annual seeds. If you want to grow wildflower seeds have a look at these.

100% PURE CORNFIELD WILD FLOWER SEED MEADOW 100g by pretty wild seeds 100g NO GRASS mix 44

Or why not check our your local pound shop/dollar store as they sell boxes of mixed seed. Either way the list is endless.

How to plant seed bombs

All you need to do is keep your seed bombs dry until your ready to use them. Then take your seed bomb and dig a little hole and bury your wildflower seed bomb in 2 to 3 cm of soil. Give it a little water and your all set. In a few months you’ll have amazing colour for little work.

Why not plant some of these in that piece of wasteground no one uses? Or on the roundabout on your way to school.

You don’t need a garden to make use of these wonderful little seed bombs.

Do seed bombs really work??

Yes!! And the picture below is proof of our patch. Experiement and have fun with it. If your seeds don’t grow just try again but if they do you can bask in delight knowing you have grown your own seeds, you have made a differece to your area and most of all the birds, bugs and bees will LOVE you for it!!

Seed bomb results

Let me know how you get on. I’d LOVE to see your pictures. DROP ME A COMMENT BELOW!

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Wildflower seed bombs

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    1. Hi Ophelia. It is such a super easy activity. You dont even need to plant your bombs right away. You can keep them dry until you find the right spot. X

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