5 Easy Ways To Survive Summer With Kids

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Surviving summer can be a challenge for parents. The summer should be a time of relaxing, holidays, and no school, but the summer is also a stress to lots of families, which can over shadow the fun and freedom of summer.

The best way to handle that is to find ways to organise the chaos and panic into fun activities and routines.

Here’s our mega list to help you and your family survive and thrive this summer.we’ve also included some affiliate links to help you find products we love. By using these links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Survive Summer with Kids.

1. Keep a routine.

Our summer brings a much more relaxed approach but we still like to keep to a certain routine so we don’t fall into the trap of too many screens.

  • We sleep a little later (I run a home day care so our family schedule is dictated by what other kids are due and when. My own kids can sleep in but I’m up with the lark most mornings…yawn)
  • We eat at similar times to avoid hungry breakdowns
  • We walk the dog at roughly the same time and as a bad mum I still make my kids do chores and homework over the summer(boo hiss) yes I know but I don’t see why everyone else get a summer break and mum gets to tidy more!

All for one and one for all in this house. If you live in it and mess it up then you help put it in order.

So our days have a structure to them but within that there is lots of opportunities to have free time and lots of fun. We include chores, learning, exercise as well as lots of activities, crafts and garden fun.

So get a pad and pen and get organised or download these summer planning sheets all free from me to you!

Plan your summer
Click to get yours now.

2. Survive Summer By Getting Outside

My number one tip for making the summer easier is to get outside. Whether it means gardening climbing in the woods, hiking, visiting a park or even just taking some crafts outdoors.

girl, child, children

Moving to a different atmosphere can break up the time and help to keeps kids engaged and enjoying themselves.

You could add a few pieces of equipment to your outdoor space to give kids a way to burn off energy.

  • Get a trampoline
  • Pavement chalk
  • a scooter or 2

Can really liven a space and let kids use their imaginations more. Check out my list of epic garden fun equipment.

If you don’t have a garden, you can head out to a park or open space for kite flying, picnics and other summer fun like a splash park, outdoor pool, play park or even the woods if shade is needed.

Summer fun doesn't have to be stressful. Grab these top tips and make summer awesome.

Taking a walk through the woods can encourage kids to connect with nature, climb trees and burn off some of that energy.

3. Make A Bucketlist To Help You Survive Summer

Do you hate hearing the words, “I’m bored,” every minute of every day??

Why not make a list together of all the activities your kids love to do, and try to make it full of things they can make, play or use independently so you don’t have to be involved at every steps.

The next time you hear those dreaded words, you can point them in the direction of this list.

You can find lots of activity ideas in these posts

101 fantastic summer fun activities with your kids

You can also download handy planning sheets for summer here too.

Happy Sunflowers

Active Kids have all the fun so try these amazing activities to keep kids active

If you need more outdoor activities you have to try this post here

Forage for berries with kids. Food for free! How can youbeatthat. Then you can make smoothies, cakes, fruit leather or pies, the options are endless

Summer survival can be simply enjoying good food, outdoor fun and family time.

You can even reconnect your kids and the outdoors here with this free email course.

Going camping with your kids with these tips and ideas. Camping makes ever kids dreams come true so find out how to get started here.

We even have some garden craft ideas

Make your garden bright and full of colour by recycling bottle tops in this bottle top craft.

Make a flower crown from beautiful flowers in your garden.

If exploring weather is on your cards, try some of these crafts right here.

This contains some of our most popular craft ideas.

Rock collecting and painting rocks can be a fun summer activity

Got lots of pebbles and rocks to craft with? Try out this post for lots of ideas on how to use your rocks.

These garden crafts will get you outdoors having fun all summer long.

If you would rather use recycled materials and get crafting something new, check this post out for recycled crafts you can try in your back yard.

And last but not least our favourite craft is our pony bead sun catchers.

Making pony bead suncatcher is great in summer

And for the green fingered among you, you can start a garden,

Make a flower crown during summer

4. Keep Up Learning To Survive Summer

During the summer, we try not to let our kids brains go to sleep.

As part of their chores we have learning time.so we ask them to either read, or have fun on some of the learning apps out there such as

Our daughter also have some times tables and spelling sheets she can practise during this time.

30 minutes is not long and it can even be done outside. I feel its incredibly important to use those brains and keep them ticking over.

Since we started doing this we find back to school is a lot easier as the kids dont need to relearn everything they’ve forgotten.

Finished mix ready to bake

Other ideas to include learning in your summer fun plan are;

  • Join your local library reading program
  • Start a nature journal and spend time checking out the space around you. Hunt for mini beasts, study flowers, or check out landscapes.
  • Take a trip to museums, zoos, and nature parks
  • Read books together
  • Spend time in the kitchen and cook together. Read recipes.and work out measures together.
  • Music lessons
  • Learn a language with Duolingo.com app
  • Build character with The Button Project.com
  • Start a garden, grow your own vegetables in pots, fruit or flowers. Learn to sow, grow and harvest your own plants
garden with your kids

5. Include Chores During Summer

– (Yes you read it right)

As I mentioned, our kids continue to do chores and help around the house.

This means we all help give the house a general tidy at the beginning of the day and that means the rest of the day we can all relax and enjoy our longer days.

If you dont want to go as far as an official chore chart why not try making some chore sticks?

Take a bunch of craft sticks and write all the jobs you’d like your kids to do. 

Try keep them short tasks. Pop them in a jar and whenever you are pestered with the “I’m bored” chorus, you can let them pick a task. They’ll soon learn to play.

Check out this video from Jordan over at Fun Cheap Or Free. She explains how she uses them with her kids.

Jordan From Fun Cheap Or Free Explains Her Chore Sticks System.

So that’s my surviving summer round up. Hopefully it will help your summer go with a bang and you can concentrate on making memories with your family.

How do you plan to survive the summer with your kids? Do you have any awesome tips that I haven’t included here? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments

Summer survival tips for parents. How to keep kids busy over summer

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