Making Time To Garden When Your Busy

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Many of us have turned to the garden this year as a way to escape the feeling of being locked in and we have actually found we love being out there. Are you one of them?

Now that the world is waking up from its long confinement, how do we find time to keep gardening? Take a look at our post on Time saving ways to garden

Not to mention that this year has sucked and we all need to watch the pennies so how do we find time to garden when we are short on cash? Firstly take a look at our budget friendly ways to garden

Then, check out my favourite products that help me find that little bit extra time to spend in my garden! 

Make Time To Garden With An Instapot

Well we have all heard about them but are they worth the hype?


With this gadget to help you prepare a healthy but fast meal for your family, you will save hours in the kitchen without feeling guilty and spend that time in your garden.

Just pop back in, wash your hands, and whizz up a hearty meal within a few moments.  It’s basically a modern pressure cooker. It keeps all the goodness in and the pressure that builds up cooks food I’m meer minutes.

Seriously, You need a Slow Cooker If You Want Time To Garden

This is my all time favourite time saver. I love nothing (ok almost nothing) more than popping a few ingredients in this slow cooker first thing in the morning and setting it to a low bubble. Then I pretty much forget about it. 

Go out and enjoy my garden and completing chores, then when I feel hungry, I love coming home to the smell of a delicious cooked meal. My whole house smells of home, warm and cosy and above all tasty. There’s no better end to a day in the garden.

I was not always so keen on slow cookers, when I read the reviews, it put me off for a while as I read they made every meal taste the same, that the ceramic dish inside broke often and there wasn’t much you can cook in them.

Utter nonsense!!

My experience is that the food you can cook in them is endless, soups, stews, full English breakfast and jacket potatoes….and on and on and each meal has been totally delicious and unique. 

The first slow cooker I had did have a ceramic base which did eventually break (hey! It lasted 8 years!!!!) But now I have one with a metal base which is lighter and heats up so much quicker and I love it.

I love to cook but honestly sometimes I just don’t have time so this stops me feeling guilty and resorting to take outs or worse not spending time outside. 

Make Time To Garden And Get A ‘Fit Bit

Now this one doesn’t exactly save you time as such but hear me out.

We all need to stay fit and healthy, we run, squat and do all the right things to stay healthy and a fit bit watch helps us monitor our efforts.

But did you know, gardening can give you just as much of a full body work out if not more.

  • Squatting and lunging can be done with a spade and a hoe.
  • Dig over a patch of soil and tell me your not feeling it in your back, legs and arms!

Try a fit bit and see what I mean. Wear it for your usual exercise and monitor your levels, then do some gardening and see the difference.

Now I don’t mean just tickle the hose around, I mean a good garden clear up, dig over a new patch, plant a vegetable garden etc. 

If i’m wrong, then you still have the fit bit to help you go back to your favourite form of exercise.

If I’m right, you’ll be outdoors, learning a new skill, breathing fresh air and keeping your mind healthy plus getting you daily dose of exercise and vitamins and creating the garden of your dreams!

Make Time To Garden By Reading Books

But I thought you said time saving products I hear you cry…. yep I did.

We live in a age of knowledge. It is so easy to find the answer of any question simply by speaking to Alexa or Google but in my view reading a good gardening book can give you so much more.

Gardeners love to share knowledge so won’t just give you the answer you seek but a few extra bonus tips too.

For example if you ask the question;

When should I prune my plum tree?”

….you would get the answer

“The best time for pruning a plum tree is usually spring for young trees and mid-summer for established ones” 

Ok, fair enough, you have the information to carry on. 

However, any gardener who knows his stuff (and chooses to write a book about it) may tell you that this is the correct time to prune it but it also has to be kept dry as these trees are prone to silver leaf disease. 

  • So, avoid this by pruning during a dry spell.
  • Another may tell you to rub soil over the wound to seal it against rain introducing the disease to your tree.
  • A third may tell you to cover your tree during wet weather to help even more.

There is definatley a place for digital information and technology, its time saving in itself, but there is a much bigger need for full rounded information.

Check out a few tips from us too right here.

 Going to a book now and again can give you extra which in turn saves you so much time. It’s the difference between having hot chocolate or hot chocolate with cream on top! 

My favourites are;

Find Gardening with kids books here 

Tool Sharpening Stone Saves You Time In The Garden

Keeping your tools sharp really saves a ton of time when growing your own vegetables, fruit and flowers.

Simply keeping your tools sharp can reduce the amount of time you spend doing a chore.

  • Like weeding, if the hoe is sharp it cuts these weeds down in half the time. 
  • Sharp spades make digging holes so much easier 
  • Sharp shears make trimming the hedge a breeze. Blunt tools would make these jobs take ages.

Save Time In the Garden Using Audible

As a beginner we can spend hours reading gardening books looking for tips and advice. With Audible, you can listen to your favourite gardening books while you garden.

A Floating Hoover Will Give You Time To Garden

Now stay with me on this one.

What ‘sucks’ up our time more than housework??

This little guy is our life saver for finding time in the garden. With a large dog and 3 kids (not to mention our daycare kids) I can hoover upwards of 3 times a day.

This little wonder has changed that. Just switch him on and he quietly buzzes about the floor.

Buying A Garden Storage Bench Saves Time to Garden

Tools on handHaving this storage bench is a bit of a luxury I resisted for a long time.

But this has changed my gardening life. Gone are the days where I need to spend ages digging my way past bikes and garden equiptment to fetch my tools in the shed. 

I keep everything I need safely in this lockable storage bench in my garden right beside my veg patch and now when I find a bit of time to garden, weed, hoe or harvest, everything I need is right there beside me.

Wildlife Gardening Will Save You Time To Garden

 Encourage Wildlife into your garden and they will help you control any lurking pests like slugs and snails. 

Bird feeders, hedgehog homes and even bug hotel, all help encourage Wildlife into your space that will sort out those pest. 

Get A Seed Box And Save Time For Gardening

Keep your seeds organised and it means when ever you find 5 minutes you can grab some seeds and sow them without having to search for them. That way the instructions are right there to hand and you can get straight to it.

And if you really can’t find time to get out into the garden, why not garden indoors?

These grow pots are utterly wonderful. So much so that my son has this one on his Christmas list.

So, there you have it, my top products to help you squeeze that little bit of time out of everyday life so you can spend it growing something special whether thats in a patio pot or a full vegetable plot.

But most importantly, instead of trying to find time around the kids to garden, why not include them and spend your lives growing something special together. 

Let us know what helps you to find time to garden in the comments below!

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