How Do You Plan A Vegetable Garden, When You've No Clue Where To Start??

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The first thing to do is to DOWNLOAD OUR FREE VEGETABLE GARDEN PLANNING SHEETS. These FREE Garden Planning Printables include lots of ways to help you plan your layout and discover …

  • What your family likes to eat regularly?
  • How To Plan Yearly, Monthly And Weekly Tasks To Keep On Track
  • Track The Habits And Tasks You Do Each Day And Find Ways To Save Time And Effort
  • How To Grow Herbs The Right Way 
  • Check Out What Groups Your Plants Belong To And What They Need To Thrive.
  • Make Your Own Seed Packets To Save Your Own Seeds
  • Keep Track Of The Seeds And Vegetables Youre Growing 
  • What To Grow For A Family Of 4 planting guide (UK)
  • Where To Put Your Crops Year After Year To Keep Your Garden Healthy And Productive.
SO….Take a bit of time to go through these sheets and think about what you like to eat, how much space you have to grow etc.

Still Not Sure If You Need These Sheets In Your Life?? Check Out The Information Below On Each Sheet And See If They Fit You.

You don’t need to use all these sheets, use the ones you think are relevant and you can build up to the others in time.

Our . Vegetable Gardening Sheets Are Great For Anyone Planning To Start A Family Vegetable Garden Whether It’s In A Pot Or A Plot

Plot What You Need To Do And When

Weekly, monthly and yearly planning sheets help you organise what garden tasks you need to do each time so nothing gets forgotten. You can find a guide of what to do when on our site or many others and you just need to write the jobs that apply to your space.

Garden Habit Tracker

Track what time you spend doing tasks in your garden. This helps you see where you can use your time better and feel a sense of achievement at the end of the month.

From watering, weeding, digging, sowing and planting and many more. This tracker should help you group tasks together to save you time, watering may need to be done everyday but you could maybe group sowing and digging taskes together so you spend one day doing it all and less time trying to jump between jobs the rest of the time.

A 5 Year Crop Rotation Plan

Keep track of where your crops need to go, year after year. This keeps your soil heathy and helps prepare the ground for a new season of crops. This is important for a few reasons;

-Crops like peas and beans improve the soil by releasing nitrogen back into the soil for the followijg crops. In turn, brassicas and leafy greens LOVE high nitrogen so it makes sense to follow peas and beans with a leafy crop. 

If you grow carrots in the same spot every year, you will soon build up a serious pest problem from flies that lay eggs in the soil and eat your carrots.

**We've Also Included Our Brand New Sowing Wheel**

Cut out the 2 wheels and fix one on top of the other with a split pin and you have a handy sowing wheel that you can take to the garden with you and never be stuck on when to sow, plant or harvest your seeds. Ive laminated mine and keep it hung up in our shed so its always on hand and I can see at a glance when to sow each group of seeds without pulling books and seed packets out. 

It really makes seed sowing super easy and saves you loads of time… I’d LOVE to kow what you think of this one.

Plant Families And How To Keep Them Growing Well

Learn how to group certain vegetables together and provide them with the right type of soil, feeding and care to get the best from your crops.

Seed Sowing Calendar

Keep track of what seeds you want to sow, plant and harvest. Good sheet to help you plan repeat sowing as well for crops like lettuce and carrots.

Seed Packet Template

Make your own seed packet. A perfect way to save left over seeds in burst packets for next year or even save your own as your crops come to an end. If your seeds are organised it’s easier to see what you need to sow and when to order more.

When Can I Sow My Seeds?

Use this sheet to see when the first sowing dates should fall. These dates are for the UK, you may need to check your growing zone where you are.

This can vary over the UK from North to South by 2 to 3 weeks, which is why I have not included exact dates, Also, you still need to look at local frost levels and weather conditions. Tiny seeds will not grow if they have to grow in wet sticky soil so use these as a guide.N

Where Should I Grow?

This sheet lets you draw out the areas your going to grow in. It could be a row of pots, your windowsill or a patch in your garden. Try to draw them out here and make notes about the soil type and light levels, for example pots tend to be alot more free draining and need constant watering and your veg patch might only get 6 hours of sun a day.

What Info Do I Need To Keep ?

This Plant Profile sheet gives you the perfect place to record any and all information you need to keep on the plants you want to sow. Seed packets can be lost or damaged so its important to keep the information somewhere.

When to sow, plant, and harvest. How deep to sow your seed and what feeding they require later.

What Do I Grow For Family Of 4?

It’s hard to work out how many seeds to sow in order to feed a family. It depends on what you like to eat and what space you have. 

Ive included a rough guide to let you see how many plants in would take. However you might love beetroot and want a whole field of them. (Just me?) Adjust this list to suit your circumstances

How Should I Grow Herbs?

Herbs are valuable in the garden so its worth growing a few. This sheet tells you what soil, light levels and fertility each herb needs so you can match that to a suitable space you planned out earlier.

Some herbs love to be fauned over, extra feeding and attention but others need hard conditions little water and no feeding so find the one that fits your situation.


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These sheets are fantastic and so simple to get my head around.

How are they FREE?



I luving the bright colourful sheets. They fit in perfectly with my other organising sheets and help me get my life in order, giving me more time to get in the garden now as I know what needs done and when without hauling all my seeds out.

-Emma Jane


These sheets have been great. 

I got your original ones which were wonderful but  when I downloaded this ugrade FREE I loved them. Theyre so colourful and simple to use. I like being able to print out multple sheets for each month too. 



Really helped me get my ideas into order and haven’t looked back. Ive tried other planners which are great but this one has all I need. LOVE the seed wheel, never seen this before but really works!




Love the colours! Keeps all the info I need in one place.


-Natalie J