Why We Love Playbees Magnetic Tiles

Product Review Playbees Magnetic 3D tiles

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Why We Love Playbees Magnetic Tiles

Product Review Playbees Magnetic 3D tiles

Why we love Playbees Magnetic Tiles- a new one on me

I’m sad to say i didn’t know these blocks existed. As a childminder, i have all sorts of building materials from

  • K’nex,
  • Duplo,
  • Lego,
  • Wooden blocks,
  • Stickle bricks,
  • and funny little circular gogs that slot together to make any shape you like (ive no idea what these are called)

So when I came across these tiles my first instinct was ‘we really dont need anymore’

A day or so later, i recieved a discount code from a friend. This code changed the price Playbees Magnetic Tiles from £24.99 to £8.50 -I wasn’t going to pass that up! So i gave it a go!

If nothing else they would be a fun toy to play with a few times and if it broke well it only cost £8.50 right? The only problem here was I only ordered 1 box. Let me explain…

A little about us…

During the day, I mainly have my own 1 year old son AJ and a 4 year old little girl. Both kids already LOVE playing with my giant magnet collection on my fridge. So theyre used to magnets.

Why We Love Playbees Magnetic Tiles

We have animals, Thomas characters, princesses, dinosaurs you get the idea. So these tiles were perfect for them. I was concerned about the magnetic sides and whether the magnets would fall out etc. especially as AJ loves to chew EVERYTHING! But i shouldn’t have worried.

I should say here that this set is aimed at 3 years and above. This is mainly to do with the string on the drawstring bag in my opinion, as I cannot see any other reason, but to be safe I supervise my little one whenever he has these out.

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In the pack

The parcel came the next day and the kids were eager to get into them. In there was an instruction booklet, a yellow storage back and the set of tiles. In my set I have 36 pieces of various shapes and colours. However, there are different sizes and styles of sets available.

The smooth blocks are sealed plastic so no worries about escaping magnets. Vivid primary colours made them instantly attractive to the kids and before I even opened all the bags the kids had dived in and were happily snapping the thick durable tiles together.


The magnets have a good strong connection to keep the tiles together. Not too strong that little hands cant pull them apart. The favourite bits in this set are the 4 triangular cone pieces and the pillar sides. They have been part of a princess castle, an ice cream cone and a farm silo amongst others.

Some of the ideas these kids came up with from some simple geometric shapes was unreal. This set is going to make learning shapes, colours and more so much fun.Its wonderful to have the option to build in 2D and 3D. So no matter the abilities they can play with these tiles.


What the kids thought..

Why We Love Playbees Magnetic Tiles

Little 4 year old Ss- She’s not know for her building skills was straight in putting tiles together.

Although many of the ideas are designed for one of the bigger sets with slightly different pieces. The book gave her lots of ideas to begin with but it very quickly evolved into her own creations.

When lunch time rolled around, I had to physically pack these up and put them out of sight with a lot of squeals of protest just to get the kids to the table.

This set is wonderful! The pieces are bright and colourful, sturdy for little hands and not too big. They’re easily wiped clean too and the yellow storage bag means this set can be taken anywhere.!!!



What we used these magnetic tiles for..

The kids have used them for play dates here and taken them to their grandparents to play with too. We even took them to the park with us and the kids had fun sliding cubes and other shapes down the slide.

When my older kids and childmindees came in from school they zoned in on this new toy also and much to my surprise have played with it just as much as the little ones. And they range from 6 to 11!

I can honestly say 4 weeks later and the novelty still hasn’t worn off! These are pulled out by someone everyday.


To Sum

So’ if your thinking about these blocks I would say go for it.  I have never loved a toy as much. They are safe, easy to clean, easy to store and offer so many different play opportunities for any age. I can pull this out just before I need to make dinner and my son AJ will happily sit and amuse himself till I’m done.

The only downside I can find is that I didn’t order more than one set. I fully intend to buy another set to top this one up so the older kids have more pieces to share. This toy has without question been thee best toy I’ve EVER bought and I’m sure it will continue go grow and remain a firm favourite in our household.




Product Review Playbees Magnetic 3D tiles
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