Why Your Kids Should LOVE Nature

Why Your Kids Should Love Nature

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Why Your Kids Should LOVE Nature-And So Should You!

Some of the memories I have of my younger days are playing with friends running around playing tag, making up roles play as well as; playing in river beds, camping under the stars, enjoying long canal walks or climbing trees.
Hopefully, you’ll agree with me that every child needs those type of memories. A way to experience real LIFE with all their senses and to feel a connection to something much bigger. A love of the world around us and a sense of our place in it.
Nature and it's benefits
Why Your Kids Should Love Nature

How Times Have Changed

In this world today however, where most people are stuck working all the hours living in cities or towns that just keep expanding and most of our homes have no garden or access to a green space let alone a garden or wood to explore.
To compound this issue, the sense of community I had at a younger age is very limited now. People are scared to say or do the wrong thing towards kids these days for fear of retribution or suspicion.
Nature walk outdoors
CC and dad building with Rocks
When I was young, I could wander our village and visit a friend or go to the woods because the whole village kept an eye out for you, we knew if we did anything wrong we’d be in trouble because someone would see us and tell our mum.

Changes Of Attitudes

 Nowadays, no one wants to socialize. We are all busy with our own busy lives and our own friends.
Many people don’t want to be a community, watching out for each other helping where it’s needed. People work long hours and don’t have the time or inclination to worry about other people’s issues.
Frankly, there are so many horror stories about things happening to children that people don’t want to be accused of anything sinister
But, I believe this is where it’s going wrong. We keep our kids locked inside so we can keep an eye on them and keep them safe but it’s also keeping them away from a precious childhood that won’t be around for long.
outdoor fun in the sun
Digging a den in the sand

Other Areas To Consider

I’m sure someone famous once said “It takes a village to raise a child” and it is so true. But when even the luckiest of us that have a garden and local green space find time to get out there, it’s still hard for kids to play as there is no one to play with.
So most kids spend most of their time inside.  As a result, the average 5-year-old will happily while away all hours on a screen or device and think nothing of it.
 Kids need fresh air and exercise. We all do.
Families who make the effort to get out more, not only help their body, they also keep their mind healthy and it developes a connection to all of life – and to each other. In turn, this also helps kids develope social skills, manners, appreciation for others and a hunger to learn and “grow”.

Benefits Of Playing Outside

So, as parents, how can we show our kids the benefits of playing outside, of enjoying nature and making the most of our outdoor world.
Richard Louv, author of the book Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder, gives us an insight into some of the benefits of playing and learning in a natural environment and why we should all make it a priority.
  • Nature builds confidence.  Nature doesn’t come with a set of instructions. There is no end to the ways to interact with outdoor environments, from the garden to the woods to the local park or lake, and giving your child power over their environment and making their own choices is a valuable lesson for their future.
natural play with kids
CC Playing in the river
  • Nature encourages creativity and imagination. A free style of play encourages kids to use their imaginations and use their surroundings constructively. They can think more freely, design their own activities, and approach the world in unique ways.


  • Nature teaches our kids responsibility. Nature teaches our kids how life cycles work and how to care for living things in the world around them. Giving children the responsibility of taking care of their environment, means they’ll learn what happens when they forget to water a plant, or pull a flower out by its roots. All wonderful life lessons.
nature activities with kids
Picking berries with CC
  • Nature is a must for healthy stimulation.

    Getting out and enjoying nature actually uses more of your childs senses—you can see, hear, smell, and touch outdoor environments. It’s obvious to see how children’s developement is affected from a lack of nature as it is actually causing your childs senses to narrow, and patience is shorter. It takes bigger and more extravagant adventures to get even the smallest response from children each time,which in turn takes the fun out of most things. The joy in life is the ability to experience it through all your senses.


  • Nature gets our kids moving. The importance of nature in a child’s health is huge. Usually, spending time in nature involves some sort of excersize. Kids don’t need to become an expert bike racer but a gentle walk through the woods or an afternoon picnic will all help. Exercise is good for our kids’ bodies, but it also makes them more focused.

Need A Few More Ideas?

nature activities with kids

  •  Nature encourages our kids to think.  When kids enjoy being outdoors in parks, gardens and woodlands, they connect with nature and ask questions about the world around them and about the earth and the life that it supports.


  • Nature reduces stress, The bustling lives our children lead, zooming from school to after school clubs, friends houses, visiting family, homework, etc forces their brains to stay ‘on’ and constantly working which is exhausting and creates a feeling of  tiredness and overwhelm. The importance of nature in a child’s developement cannot be understated, when they spend time outdoors in nature, their brains can relax and effortlessly absorb what’s going on around them which in turn creates a feeling of happiness and peace.
So while screen time is the easier, and a more popular choice, it’s important to set aside time for nature play in early childhood, to let your children engage with nature and life.
When else will they have the time to make nature a priority? Make it a part of everyday life to fill your child with wonder, intelligence and health.
Why not check out the posts below for some easy activities you can start off with??
Why Your Kids Should Love Nature
Why Your Kids Should Love Nature

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! I grew up on 20+ acres on a marina/farm (odd combination I know) and we were ALWAYS outside. I crave that for my daughter so much. We live in a gated community right now. It’s beautiful and there are walkways and outdoor activities but it’s just not the same.
    We’re working on moving a little more property in the short term and somewhere with way more outdoor activities and even more property in the long term.
    Babes is only 13 months right now so we have time!

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