How To Make Garden Wind Spinners

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How cute are these ‘sun catcher’ wind spinners?

Today the kids wanted to make something fun for the garden so we decided on these and I could not have expected the results to be so fab!

Find out how to make these diy wind spinners. A great garden craft

These spinners were super easy to make but do need a little adult help to cut the wire etc. But beware these little guys are addictive.

Just beautiful, and if you watch carefully, as the spinner turns, the ball inside looks like its moving up and down.

A great garden craft for kids. Kids gardens need to be fun of fun and whimsey. Learn how to make wind spinners here.

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Materials You Need

Wind spinners make great garden decor and a fun easy craft for kids to make.

Garden wire
• Wire cutters
• Some marbles, beads or alternative balls
• Thread or fishing line
• Beads

You will also need something the same thickness as your ball, I used a sharpie pen for the d the end of a rolling pin for the larger ones.

Making your spinner is so simple.

How to make fun diy wind spinners for your kids garden.
  1. Start by deciding on your ball. The size you use for the ball will determine the rest of your spinner.
  2. Next you need to cut a piece of wire.
    For the marble, I used a piece around 30cm long and for the larger ones the wire was around 60cm. Play about with the length, I started adding more length so I could add more fun swirls in the wire at either end.
  3. Wind the wire around your chosen template. A pen or a rolling pin in our case. Leave a little un coiled at either end. Slip it off and there you have your coil. If you want your coil to taper to a point at one end simple take hole of that end and twist the coil so it tightens a little with each part of the coil.
  4. At the opposite end, bend that over to make a loop for hanging it.
  5. In the middle of your spinner you need to insert your ball. Simply pull the coil apart gently so the ball can be pushed in, not too much as it still need to be tight. Press the coil back around the ball so it can’t escape.
  6. The last step is to simply tie a length of thread through the loop so it will hang. We found the longer the thread the more spinning your creation will do. Try a 20cm length of thread as a guide.
  7. Now all that’s left to do it to find somewhere to hang your spinner up and enjoy it.

The kids loved making them and were so excited to hang them.

We’ve recently installed a log cabin in out garden so I’ve hung our spinners from the roof and they look fab.

Id love to see your spinners in the comments below x

Learn how to make amazing marble wind spinners for your childrens garden.

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  1. These are simply adorable! I absolutely love learning new things to make garden art out of. Have u ever experimented with making a beaded chandelier for the garden out of a plant wire hanger and some plain old Mardi Gras beads?

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