1. We tried to grow sweet peas in the garden last year and they didn’t do too much. Perhaps it was too hot when I planted them? I also tried to direct sow and our soil is very dense so they didn’t come up too well. I will give some of these tips a try.

    • Hi Summer. I find direct sowing eating peas is a waste of time as animals like mice eat them and they never have a chance. Thats why i always so these type of seeds is cardboard tubes or a long length of guttering.(half tube on the roof to take water down to the drain ) not sure what you call this where you are. I find once the seed germinates the animals dont want to munch anymore. Im not sure if this happens with sweetpeas but might be worth a try?

    • Hi LeeAnn. It is one of life’s pleasures sowing seeds with kids. You get so much reward!. If you enjoy gardening keep a look out or sign up to my newsletter for news of my new gardening with kids ebook. Coming soon.It’s got tons of ideas you might like. Happy sowing!

    • Hi Robin. I guess i can see the confusion haha. Im not sure where you are but i think America calls eating peas Sweet Peas lol. As long as you dont eat them i guess lol

    • Hi Amber. Thanks for getting in touch. Sweetpeas are amazing and so much return for such an easy seed to sow. Why not sign up for my ebook coming soon as it’ll have so many other wonderful stuff for kids to try.

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