Duplo brick planter for kids

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Well hello Spring!

Suddenly the birds are singing, the bulbs are bursting open with colour and the mornings are growing lighter.

Now is the time to get in the garden to get seeds started and pull any weeds.

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Spring also gives us a chance to start new habits. This year we are trying to reduce what we buy from our plot to help reduce our impact on the planet, so we are aiming to reuse as much as we can from our home and buy as little as possible.

A fun Duplo Planter is great for kids

We already use loo rolls, yogurt pots, milk jugs, soda bottles and other materials, to start our seeds which quite frankly is saving me a lot of money on buying small plants and seed starting pots.

You can see some seed of starting ideas here

And a few more eco friendly ones you can make at home

Duplo brick planter with spider plant

Looking at our seed starters for the year ahead, I decided I wanted to have something that would be more obviously for the kids and it hit me last week while watching my son playing in the garden. It suddenly came to me…..Duplo!

The kids have moved on from this toy and it sits lonely in the toy box, so why not give it a new life?

Now of Duplo bricks to be reused
Recycle unwanted Duplo bricks

So, we decided to make a recycled Duplo brick planter for kids to grow some salad leaves in.

This project is so incredibly easy.

What you will need to make your Duplo brick planter.

You’ll need:

  • Duplo blocks
  • Duplo base plates
  • Compost
  • Seeds or small plants

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How To Make A Simple Duplo brick planter for kids

Firstly, decide what size you need to make your planter.

You could make a long windowsill planter or smaller one that will fit on your shelf. Use the base plates to lay out the overall size of your planter. Remember the walls of your planter will take away from the overall size of your planting space so remember to allow for these.

Use bricks to join Duplo baseplates together
Join the base plates leaving gaps for drainage

Start building up the walls of your planter a layer at a time.

Remember to overlap the joins in the base plate and the bottom layer to hold everything together. You do need to leave a few gaps small gaps in the first brick layer to allow for water to drain out.

Where to leave drainage holes on your Duplo planter

You could line the inside of your planter with a plastic bag but I didn’t feel this would add much of a benefit and we didn’t want to create a place for water to pool inside.

Build up the layers of walls on your Duplo planter
build up your walls

Build your planter high enough so you have a good depth of soil.

We went 4 bricks high so there was a good depth of soil for growing salad leaves in. Try to stagger each new layer of bricks so you don’t have walls that could split open.

Duplo planterfull of compost
Fill your planter with compost

Once you have built up the sides, your good to get planting.

Now, you just start adding yourseeds, leaves or flowers, water and you’re all done.

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We popped a mini spider plant in so you could see the end product but actually we used this planter to sow loose leaf salad leaves which are quick to grow and something the kids love to eat.

Why not make one with your kids? I hope you have fun with this project. Leave a comment below and tell us what kind of planters and seed starters you like to use.

Duplo brick planter full of compost
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