The Ultimate Guide To Halloween Activities For Kids

Haloween activities, crafts and ideas for the beat halloween ever.

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Halloween activities are a wonderful way to celebrate the season. This time of year is our favourite. We love all things autumn as you’ve probably guessed.


The change in the light, the colours of the leaves, dew drops dancing on the spider webs on misty mornings, and kicking piles of leaves around as we walk the dog, I could go on all day.

As part of our Autumn fun, we’ll be celebrating with Halloween activities featuring lots of pumpkins; corn, leaves, toffee apples and so much more.

 The Ultimate Guide To Halloween Activities For Kids


My Aunt used to make the best toffee apples with really hard toffee that cracked properly with each bite, not the soft gooey caramel versions we buy today.

Sadly, she passed away before anyone could get the recipe so I’ve yet to find a good alternative to get the hard crack toffee but I’ll find it!!

Awesome halloween activities for famillies. Easy, simple and cheap ideas you can do at home

So, Here’s Our Ultimate Guide to Halloween Activities.

I have included affiliate links to items that I love and recommend. If you purchase through one of these links I may earn a small commission.


To get in the mood for Halloween..


We went to a local corn maze and fruit farm. Every year we attend their Halloween festival to pick some pumpkins. We do grow our own, but we can never have too many.

The maze has a variety of fun attractions too like a tractor barrel ride, zip line, go-karts and best of all a giant mega corn maze. A maize maze, get it??

The kids love it and it’s become a much loved tradition now. We really like to celebrate Autumn in all it’s glory so Halloween is a good excuse to put up decorations and paint our windows with spooky designs

We’ll carved our fantastic giant pumpkins and picked our outfits. All that’s left is to enjoy our annual Halloween party.


Some Fun to Try

  • Pumpkin Carving. Every year we pick the best pumpkins.

    Pumpkin carving
    Last years pumpkin carvings

We each carve one for our doorway.

We’ve done the sick pumpkin right through to the traditional smiley face.

This year we stuck with the Jack the pumpkin king, and a spider pumpkin.


Decorating the house.


Normally, we don’t go in for spooky decorations as I have kids of varying ages and sensitivity, SO, we go for more cartoon type decorations or spiders etc.

We also discovered this light projector. It projects all different kids of images onto the walls.

You can use it outdoors to shine on the house too but we prefer to use it inside and light up the ceiling.


Our pack comes with different slides for different occasions from halloween, to christmas, snow days to beach party. Its fantastic and adds so much atmosphere to a party.


We decorate the indoors but this year, the children had so much fun using chalk pens to decorate the windows.

You can buy the CHALK PENS really quite cheap and we used them for all sorts of decorations.





Stick spider webs.

We made stick spider webs like these ones from Mother Natured.

We had a fantastic day in the woods collecting some stick for these. The sticks have been guns, walking sticks, fishing rods… and now they’ve been turned into these fantastic webs.

We had some glow in the dark nail varnish so we painted it onto the strings so we can put them outside and see them from the road.


Spinning ghosts.

The kids made these so simple spinning ghosts from

We made a string of them and hung them from the tree outside as well as dotted around the living room.

More activities we’ve tried..

  • Foam spider kits. For the younger kids I found these foam spider kits from designed by
    Foam Spiders Craft
    Buy Foam Spiders available from Amazon

    Baker Ross. We had a lovely afternoon playing with the shapes and colours before putting together the spiders. We made a garland to hang over the spider.


Play Ghost Hunt.

We bought this game a few years ago and its one of my favourites for Halloween. This gets pulled out every year and is fantastic. The skeleton projects the ghosts onto the walls around you and you have to try shoot as many as you can. TIP. remember to press the reload button.

Ghost Hunt Game

We’ve had 2 years of playing this at Halloween before the kids told me to press it!

That explains why I kept only getting 4 or 5 ghosts while they got 23 etc.

I did wonder why they thought it was so funny?! Some other games we play are Zombie Bowling and Zombie Blast. (See below) Both great games although I do think ghost hunt is the best.


Jar Lanterns.

Making jar lanterns is something we do regularly and this year; we made tissue paper stripes all over the jar and cut out black shapes to go inside to make spooky silhouettes.

There’s also a cute ideas from Le Coin De Mel


Spider plant decorations.

These fantastic spider planters came from this idea on Growing Famiy. They sit outside next to our pumpkins. Although I couldn’t get hold of baby spiderspooky spider plants fun halloween nature craftplants, so I found black grasses in the garden centre so we made purple and green (painted with left over spray-paint I had from painting outdoor pots) spider with black plants.

They look fab!! ( Check out Catherine over at growing she has so many great ideas)



Lolly Stick  spider webs. The idea from Buggy and Buddy, were so easy to make and look fabulous. I dabbed the string with glow in the dark nail varnish Front Porch Bowling Zombies I had on hand and hung them from our tree. They look amazing.

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Popsicle Stick and Yarn Spiderweb
lolly stick spider webs from Buggyandbuddy


DIY witches broom.

We gathered together some dried grass seed heads and some dock seed heads. we bunched them together on the end of a long stick we found in the woods. It stood next to our doorway covered in fake webs.

Haloween activities, crafts and ideas for the beat halloween ever.

Halloween Games We Love..

1.Dooking for apples

Halloween party games


2.Tin can bowling

This is simple to put together, just take some tin cans and paint them to look like pumpkins or something else relevent.

Little kids could wrap the tins in tissue paper instead.

Simple stack up the tins in a pyramid shape and try to knock them down with a ball or some scrunched up socks.

Check out our tin can alley labels you can print and wrap around your cans.


3.Ghost hunt (see above)


4.Zombie Blast 


5. Zombie bowling


Party Food To Go With Your Halloween Activities.


  • Spider web cakes. This one looks so effective but is actually very easy. We tried this delicious recipe from Kitchen Sanctuary.  


  • Gingerbread Skeletons. This is a fantastic addition to our buffet. I followed the recipe from Crumbs and corkscrews. I made the dough 2 weeks before Halloween and just rolled out the dough, cut out the skeleton shapes and lay them out on some grease-proof paper..
    Crumbs and Corkscrews - Gingerdead Men
    Gingerdead Men

    Then I layered them up on top of each other and put them in a zip lock bag. I made a huge batch of these then popped them in the freezer. This will be enough gingerbread men to cover Halloween and extra for Christmas. Bonus!

    All I had to do was take out enough for Halloween and pop them on a cookie sheet and bake them off. That way, I get fresh biscuits without the stress and all I need to do is cool them and ice with white icing.


  • Spider web pizza. I loved this idea from I used ketchup on the raw pizza before baking to make a web shape on the pizza too. It went darker once baked and looked great with the olive spider.Lolly pop ghosts


  • Lolly ghosts. Easy peasy this one,  I got the idea from I wrapped lollies on tissue and tied them shut.


  • Ghost Sandwiches’ i used my cookie cutters to make sandwich shaped like ghosts and bats etc. I filled them with homemade raspberry jam. Chocolate spread and cheese spread.

Carrot Pumpkins! A cute and healthy Halloween treat! Little Dairy on the Prairie



  • Pumpkin shaped carrots.  I got the idea from so simple and so cute. It’s hard to find healthy ideas so an occasion that’s surrounded by loads of candy.

So there you go, Our Ultimate Guide to Halloween Activities list.  What do you have planned for Halloween week? do you have any traditions you love to keep? I love to hear all about your Halloween so get in touch.

For more Autumn ideas check this out.

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Ultimate guide to Halloween Fun with kids.


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