8 Reasons All Kids Should Grow Vegetables

Gardening with children

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8 Reasons All Kids Should Grow Vegetables.

Since my little munchkins were tiny, they’ve helped me grow things. Firstly, in pots, then in the garden and now in our allotment, infact they are the main reason we have an allotment. We get so much from it not just organic fruit and vegetables but so much more..Kids Should Grow vegetables


8 Reasons Why All Kids Should Grow vegetables.


  1. Exercise. Working the soil and bending and lifting are wonderful exercise and fresh air. Connecting with nature and wildlife and staying fit and healthy instead of face deep in a tablet. Children get so much less exercise nowadays. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is not going to be good for them in the long run.Gardening with children


  1. They Eat.  Seeing the process from seed to plate has helped my kids be so much more eager to try new food. They will not touch vegetables on their plate but let them loose on a row of fresh peas, not only with they be picked and shelled, but most of them will be gone. Raspberries, currants, baby carrots strawberries etc. are all the same. They will munch and crunch their way around the plot. Even Swiss chard leaves get sampled. It’s wonderful knowing that they can eat it all and I know exactly what’s on it. Although we do have to make them whistle for a while if wave any hope of taking a harvest home lol.

    Why Kids Should Grow vegetables
    Munching their peas.


  1. Good habits. The problems facing our world today with increasing populations and decreasing food supply mean that I feel all our kids need to know where food comes from and how to grow it. Any money we can save on the ever increasing food bills is a wonderful thing. It’s also showing them the effort that goes into everything they eat and I do feel they appreciate it more and waste food a lot less.

Kids can grow vegetables

  1. Screen free. Again, because it gets kids away from tablets TV’s and laptops etc. Surely it can’t be a good thing to be constantly fixated on a screen. Whether it is a TV, tablet, or a phone or kids are constantly playing, socialising and communicating online. Now, I know in this advanced age we live in where everything is run online our kids need to have a fluent understanding of technology but does it need to be at the expense of family time, face to face interaction and nature. I saw 3 girls waiting on a bus. They’re all friends but all 3 are staring at their phones silent. Then one of them sends a text or something to the other girl and she laughed and text back!?? What ever happened to a face to face conversation? We’re raising a generation that has no idea how to talk and connect with humans.

Still Need A Few More Reasons??

Reasons why Kids Should Grow vegetables
Picking Peas
  1. Family time. Gardening has actually brought us closer as a family. We often spend Sundays at our little plot talking and laughing. Catching up together, talking through ideas or problems. Its wonderful screen free quality time. And ITS FREE!


  1. Passing on of skills. Gardening is an ancient art. People first farmed the land and communed with nature many years ago. It’s a link to our past and it will help link us to our future. If you garden with your child and if they develop a love of gardening, they may someday pass these life skills on to someone else. Do we want to lose these skills and depend on machines to grow our food?


  1. Its Educational. The conversations we have, the questions the kids ask and the activities we try out all lead to knowledge. We literally learn as we grow. How and what to grow, the best place to grow it, what plants need to be healthy, as well as, weighing and counting our harvest how to cook in and what recipes to try. My kids know how to build a shed, the best place for a water butt and compost bin. They also know where bugs live, eat and hide. What caterpillars like what flowers. How to hold and use tools safely etc.

    Gardening with kids
    Watering my garden


  1. For the love of it. It’s amazing to see a pot or a tiny patch of land provide us with so much from a seed, becoming this massive plant capable of feeding us healthy food to giving us bonding time and keeping our bodies healthy. It is a beautiful way to spend time together.

So what do you like to do outdoors with your kids. Do they enjoy gardening or something else? Do you have an allotment or a pot? Why not share some of your ideas, id love to hear them?


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Gardening with kids

10 thoughts on “8 Reasons All Kids Should Grow Vegetables”

    1. Hi Brandi. Im glad you enjoyed it. If your looking to get into gardening with your kids keep an eye out for my kids gardening guides coming soon as there will be loads of easy and fun activities to get you started. X

  1. This is amazing. Living in the city makes it so difficult for us to get closer to nature. We are looking to move homes and your post makes me want to find one with a balcony at least to get my daughter interested in gardening and plants.

    1. Ahh thanks Sapna. But you dont need to miss out. Why not try some strawberries in a small pot. A hanging basket next to your front door Or an indoor herb garden. You can even regrow some kitchen scraps too. Lemongrass, celery, lemon seeds etc all regrow on the kichen window sill. If you sign up to my mail list you’ll be see my how to garden with kids series coming soon, where i have lots of ideas on small spaces, container gatdens and fun activites.x

    1. Hi Tierney. Im glad you enjoyed it. Keep a look out for my how to garden series coming soon. It has loads of hints and tips on how to get started and have lots of fun.

    1. Hi Jasmine. Im glad you enjoyed this post. I learned to garden by watching my dad. So its really important in this crazy technology driven world for me to involve my kids. They are so much happier when they connect with the soil.(Even if i do have to hide their chargers ha)

  2. These are very great reasons to grow a garden with children. Last year I introduced my toddler to planting his own flowers. We started with Marigolds. We’re excited to expand this year.

    1. Hi Stacy. Thanks Stacy. Im so glad your son enjoys growing things. Why not try something edible this year like strawberries or peas. That was he will be rewarded with a treat after his hard word.
      Keep an eye out for my Gardening with kids guide coming out soon as ut has lots of tips to keep kids interested. X

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