8 Super Fun and Easy Outdoors Activities For Kids You Can Do NOW

Easy and quick fun for kids

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8 Super Fun and Easy Outdoors Activities For Kids You Can Do NOW

The light is changing and the birds have started singing out there. I’m itching to start getting out for long cool walks and watching the daffodils and spring flowers bloom. We’re not quite there but I can feel it coming. I even managed to sow a few seeds with the kids this week.

Easy and quick fun for kids
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Whether you’re full of the joys of spring or slightly overwhelmed by the thought of exploring the outdoors with a child in tow, I’ve put together a few ideas to help you make the most of these early days of Spring.

Make friends with baby animals

8 Super Fun and Easy Outdoors Activities For Kids You Can Do NOW

The coming of Spring means new life to all plants and animals and this is when lots of babies are born. Why not visit a local animal park or wildlife sanctuary and visit some. You can find a range of activities to have fun with in these places, feeding ducks, goats or chickens. Going horse riding, feeding the new baby lambs and calves or taking part in a baby handling session with baby ducks, rabbits, chicks or even hedgehogs. Yes! I said hedgehogs. You never know what could happen.
Easy and quick outdoor activities for kids

Get set and grow something

If you haven’t worked out yet, i have a love of growing plants, flowers,, food or trees. I love creating life from a tiny little seed. The kids i have here have also developed a love of growing and enjoy helping to sow, grow and plant our allotment every year. I don’t have a green house so most of our sowing is done on a south-facing windowsill so you don’t even need a garden. You could grow salad leaves on the windowsill, regrow dried peas in a small pot and chop off the shoots for a salad. Just try growing anything.
Kids love to grow yogurt pots full of cress (make funny faces on the pot and let them cut the ‘hair’) Sunflowers to race each other and Sweet peas for the beautiful smells. Try carrots for healthy lunch box snacks? beetroot is another fantastic root vegetable to grow or even easier is the humble courgette. So, what could you grow this year?? Have a look at 12 easy plants for kids to grow and see what takes your fancy!!

 Make your own collection 

Collecting objects is half the fun of walking outdoors. My kids love nothing better than to collect everything they see, sticks, stones, pinecones, white stones, nails, bottle caps, seed pods, and the list could go on and on. Try jotting down some ideas of things your kids could collect when they’re outdoors scavenger hunt style, maybe have a treat for their hard work at the end. If you’d rather have a printable list try my Spring Spotters checklist to start you off.
Signs of spring spotting checklist

Build A Den

We are so lucky to have small areas of woodland all around us. Spending a huge amounts of time in them is one of our favourite things and one of our favourite activities all year round is building dens.

The kids started with a simple cone TeePee design and moved on to a more tree house structure. We just take string with us and a snack and off they go. Walking until we find some good wood and a clear spot where the kids feel inspired and off they go.

I try not to direct them too much and let their imaginations run free. Sometimes they will want to make crafts for their den when we get home so we might go back 2 or 3 times to decorate it and reinforce them.

Easy outdoor activities for kids to do now

At home in the garden, the kids enjoy playing in a den in the form of a tent we build in the garden.They love it and as tents are waterproof then this can be an all-weather activity too. Picnics are so much more fun.

Go for a walk on the wild side. 

Try to find a new park or trail to explore. Telling the kids your going for an expedition to some far off land looking for tigers, Bigfoot or even the Gruffalo.
Having an exciting reason to walk helps keep kids amused and happy to walk. Try making a nature journal before you go (or a Yeti investigation guide) and look for signs of wildlife and animals (this could be the tigers food) Looking for tracks made by animals (Gruffalo footprints) or even record smells and sounds  (is that a unicorn coming your way?)

Step by step guide to making a christmas wreath

Go On A Bug Hunt

Now here’s a favourite. Whether you are staying at home in your garden or popping out for a longer walk and you want to keep the kids amused.
Pack them up a tub each and a magnifying glass and off you go. Try this one<Mercury 700.054 Handheld Magnifier

They will walk miles without realising it as they search for signs of bug life. Look under rocks and under small logs and your sure to find some fantastic bugs. To make this educational explain to the kids what each bug is (google it or get a book like this to help you identify them) Kids will soak up all this information . Ask them to describe the bug for you and ask where it’s eyes are etc Maybe follow the bug and see if you can see it’s house. Remember to record all this in your Nature Journal!!  Remember to release any bugs before you head home.

Throw some Pooh Sticks

Winnie-the-Pooh knew a few things about woods. This is one of his favourite activities as it is for my kids. No matter where we are heading we will always come across water and the kids LOVE collecting sticks to toss in and race. It is best to play this in a stream or water with a slow current so the sticks move along.
Super easy and quick outdoor activities for kids
The aim of the game is simple – throw your stick into the water and see who crosses the finish line first. (Decide the finish line before you start) Another great way to do this for little ones is to throw the sticks off one side of a bridge and race to the other side to see who comes out first.

Eat outdoors

You can, with a little thought, eat outdoors all year round. Whether it is a warm picnic by the beach or having a winter BBQ outdoors all wrapped up, eating outdoor adds something special to the occasion. As Autumn and Winter draw near we stock up on all the BBQ coals etc in the sales. In the cold months we fill up our BBQ with a pile of coals and get wrapped up – hats scarves and gloves then have a game of football or something outdoors while out food cooks.

Eating by the light of a real fire is magical. White breath filling the air as you drink hot chocolate or mulled wine (Hot apple juice for the kids) If your going for a long hike consider taking a flask of hot soup to enjoy on the way. The kids will be rejuvenated and they will remember it for ever. 

 So there you have it! 8 Easy to prepare and so much fun. Let us know if you try any of these ideas. Remember to pin this for later too!! Have a lovely day!
Outdoor fun for kids


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