3 Common Gardening Problems

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-And How To Solve Them.

Gardening problems are wide ranging. From deer eating your plants to not enough time to garden.

Gardening is meant to be relaxing, but when your dealing with nature that has a mind of its own its not that easy.

Here is a list of common gardening problems that lots of us struggle with – and ideas on how to tackle them so you can get out in the garden with your kids again.

Gardening problems like weeding holding you back?

Firsty, Why Do We Need To Garden

For some peoole, gardening is a way of life. I couldn’t be without it. It’s my escape from everyday stresses and troubles.

Find more ways gardening can help relieve stress here

It gives you a way to release all the pent up feelings you have as you care for pretty things.

It also teaches you to be patient and to take life ar a slower more measured pace. To appreciate the detail and wonder of growing things around us.

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So, Here’s The 3 Main Gardening Problems AND How To Fix Them.

Weeding and other gardening problems can make life difficult. Help your plants and find a solution here

Gardening Problem 1 – You Have No Space To Garden??

Do you live in a flat, or an apartment with no garden? Do you only have a windowsill or a balcony as your outdoor space?

Well, I’m here to help you that it doesn’t matter.

If you’ve got any bit of spare space outside or on your windowsill that gets some sunshine, you can still grow vegetables in patio pots, a hanging basket or even on a windowsill.

Growing in a smaller place has its differences but yes its still possible.

And depending what you choose to grow, you still get to eat healthy nutritious food that you’ve produced by yourself with zero air miles or chemicals.

Strawberries benefit from being weed free and other gardening problems

Limited space can actually make gardening easier.

Yes I did say easier!

It’s easier to keep small patches of soil weeded, and so problems are noticed quicker.

Because your patio pot or hanging basket is closer to your door it’s easier to remember to water it and keep an eye out for issues.

You don’t need a huge swathe of land to grow food. One courgette plant fills our home with more courgettes than we can use (and we use a lot)

You can grow most types of edibles in pots these days just by choosing suitable varieties.

Chillies grow very well in pots q

You can buy dwarf beans, peas, lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach, even pumpkins and potatoes can all be grown in pots, or baskets.

It’s important to pick edibles you know your family love to eat and ones that are expensive or rare to buy.

And another good idea is to look for varieties with faster harvest times for a bigger yield.

You don’t need to harvest all in one go either. Lettuce, chard and winter greens etc., can be simply harvested a few leaves at a time to extend the harvest for a lot longer and to prevent bare earth.

Supporting your plants is so much easier in pots too.

A few sticks can support a pot of pea shoots or climbing plants.

Twiggy sticks like those from hedge cuttings can simply be pushed into the soil to provide support for your plants.

Growing your own flowers, fruits and vegetables can make a big difference to your family, body and health.

Even the smallest amount you can grow teaches your kids about lifecycles, health, outdoor fun and so much more

You can even grow your kitchen scraps into tasty new plants for little of not cost. Find out how here.

Gardening Problem 2 – Pests And Diseases

Pests an diseases can create havoc with your growing dreams. It only takes a few caterpillars to completely shred a cabbage plant.

But growing in a small place can be a benefit as its easier to catch these problems before they become a larger issue.

Follow these tips when growing your plants to limit the problems caused by pests

Snails and other bugs are a common gardening problem find out how to get help

A Few ways to prevent pests and diseases.

  • Here are a few more tips for keeping things under control. Remember pests will pick on sickly plants first.
  • Keep your plants strong and healthy. With proper watering and make sure you feed your plants the correct fertilizer so your plants needs are met.
  • Make it a daily plan to go through your garden, patio or pot and keeping a look out for signs of pests and disease.
  • Attract beneficial insects to your patch by using bug hotels, frog habitats, food for moths to attract bats etc. They will eat masses amounts of pasts and help you manage the rest better. Learn to recognize helpful insects, and leave them alone to do their job.
Weeds are a common gardening problem that is easy to solve.

Gardening Problem 3 – Weeds, Everywhere!!

Weeds: the one problem we all love to hate!

No matter the size, shape or location of your garden you will have to cope with weeds – regularly.

Dealing with weeds is every gardeners nightmare. If there was a choice no gardener would choose to weed, but nature finds a way and seeds want to grow so if you have soil, you will have weeds

But its not all doom and gloom, there are things you can do to limit the amount of weeding you need to do.

Here’s My Top Tips To Make Weeding As Easy As Possible.

Common gardening problems & solutions

• Weed Little And Often

This should be gardening problem number 1 it’s so horrible.

Staying on top of weeds means checking your planting areas regularly. Even the tiniest seedling can turn into a monster weed if you give it a chance to get hold.

Our allotment is a large piece of ground, but if we are visiting it regularly and wedding often its a wonderful place to be, but when we are too busy and it is only once a week we get to visit it and weed – we very quickly loose control of our plot and it takes a huge effort from the whole family to beat the weeds back again.

Not Fun!

Weeding little and often really does make a huge difference.
Weeding out a few dozen seedling is a lot easier than trying to remove a load of fully grown nettles, docks or buttercups.

Make sure you pull out the roots
Perennial weeds send long roots out onto the soil and it’s very difficult to remove them completely.

These plants are so successful because they cannot be easily removed.

These roots are very brittle, on purpose. As you try to remove the plant the roots snap and even the tiniest part of the root left in the soil, will regrow.

You need to dig the entire root ball out and remember these cannot go on the compost heap as the will regrow there too.

Don’t Feed The Weeds.

Weeds are plants, the need light and air to grow. So when your faced with a large area of weeds, it can be the best idea to cover them to block light and air until they curl up their toes and die.

You can use weed suppressant membrane to lay over the bare soil, but I prefer laying down thick cardboard, (the sturdy kind they make large cardboard boxes from)

Once your soil is covered, soak the cardboard with water which will make it heavier. Then I like to cover the compost with compost.

This way, the worms and soil life will eat the cardboard and compost and take it down into the soil.

Fertilizing and lightening the soil as the weeds die back.

Make sure if any weeds get through the barrier you nip them off right away so they don’t get a chance to get stronger as this will strengthen the roots

I used this method a lot at our plot. I cover a bed or two each year in card and compost (or leaf mould)

I left these plots for a few months then in summer I cut holes through the card and planted my pumpkins.

The pumpkins love the extra nutrients and they could spread over the beds without competition from weeds.

Mulching is great to prevent gardening problems like weeds

Cover your soil.
I know we said cover the soil in the last section but this time I mean with plants.

The perfect weed control is actually other plants.

Filling the soil with plants means that weeds have no place to grow where they can get enough light and nutrients.

If you have large plants with a lot of bare soil, try putting ground cover plants around them to ensure no weeds can grow around them.
For more help with weeds check out this post

So whats your biggest gardening problem?? Remember to let us know so we can help!!

Common Gardening problems we all struggle with and solutions to help

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