Fantastic Outdoor Activities For Kids This Autumn

Autumn activities for kids

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The Summer holidays have come and gone. Schools here have already started back and the Autumn term is under way.

We’ve had an amazing Summer but soon temperatures will slowly slide away and the leaves will begin to fall and the heat of Summer will be a distant memory.(And I can’t wait!!)

Autumn is our favourite time of year. It is a season full of change and excitement. The perfect time to get kids out and about.

Print this list by clicking the picture below..  Stick it on your fridge and off you go!! 

Autumn activities to keep the whole family entertained from toddler to teen



There is SO much to do during Autumn from collecting amazing coloured leaves to picking pumpkins so to give you some ideas on how you can get out with your kids I’m going to give you our list of fantastic activities we use for inspiration.

We try to add something new every year so if you have any suggestions, please comment below or email me.

Outdoor activities you can do with your kids this autumn. Fall is great time to craft, do acti

Fantastic Outdoor Activities For Kids This Autumn


Before we begin, I want to let you know I have included some affiliate links in this post. These links are to products that I believe in and use regularly. If you decided to purchase anything from these links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Firstly, before we can get out and enjoy Autumn here’s just a quick tip.
Autumn weather can be changeable so it’s a good idea to be prepared, get a splash suit like this one or a snow suit in colder areas incase the weather turns chilly.

We’re never happier than when we can get out waterproof and wellies on and get out to explore.

Outdoors is fabulous for kids

Wellies are also a must , try these boots, they were our son’s favourite, whether you’re squashing in the mud or a stream in the woods or climbing through a mountain of leaves, these wellies are perfect for keeping you dry (and they’re easy to clean!)

Other things we use a lot outdoors in autumn is a flask I love this one!! I use mine to hold lovely warm hot chocolate on long walks or hot soup for our autumn picnics or even hot mulled apple juice. Delicious!!

Good Tip: when the shops are selling off Summer products we buy up a few disposable barbeques while they’re discounted and use them for quick marshmallow toasting or a quick hotdog lunch during Autumn.

It gets us out for a while without all the fuss of setting up a larger BBQ and having to wash it all up.

Also as the autumn winds on a hat and gloves might be a good idea. Little AJ has this set here.

Halloween scavenger hunt is a fantastic activity for halloween trick or treat.

So let’s started on some wonderful Autumn Outdoor Activities

  • Hold an autumn sports day.
    This is one of the first things we plan in Autumn. The weather is cooler so running around is easier. We set up an obstacle course in the garden and make up some silly races. Sponge races, three-legged race or sac face are all good options.
  • Have an autumn treasure hunt
  • Bike ride through the park or woods.Riding your bike in autumn is just one activity
  • Bonfire, roast chestnuts, baked pots, hotdog and baked apples. Apple punch or mulled apple juice and roasted pumpkin is amazing. Smores too
  • Fly a kite, autumn is our windiest season usually so it’s the perfect time for clear skies and a good breeze
  • Star gaze
  • Hunt for natural ‘bits’ to use for crafts. Conkers, pinecones, feathers, acorns and twigs are all wonderful materials.
  • Build a den in the forestBuild a den in the woods this autumn with your kids. Get outdoors and enjoy these fun easy activities


Land art a wonderful activity for autumn outdoors

  • Apple day- go pick apples, Then juice them or try making crafts with them.Picking apples with kids is a simple activity to help celebrate Fall. The harvested apples can be used for so many ideas, like snacks or arts and crafts.


  • Try apple stamping, cut them in half and make pretty designs by dipping them in paint.Use apples to make fantastic ghosts and pumpkins. Great idea for wrapping paper or cards for Halloween.
  • Make delicious Baked Apple donuts
  • Have a Halloween party and bob for apples.

Apple bobbing with kids is a traditional way to celebrate apples and Autumn. Also a good activity for Halloween. Perfect activity for toddlers to adults.


  • Drink Hot Cocoa outdoors.
  • Go on a Pumpkin picking day out.
    Pumpkin farm picking is fantastic, we got to pick our own pumpkins and enjoy an amazing autumn day out with friends.

Pumpkin picking with your kids, is a fantastic activity for Fall. There is lots of ways to use your picked pumpkins. From carving or painting them for Halloween to trying so many different recipes for pie, soup, muffins and so many more.


  • Use the pumpkins to make cinnamon pumpkin muffins with frosting if you don’t plan on carving them!!! YUM


  • Autumn mornings are cool and damp. Often when we wake there’s a dew like haze over everything. When we go out the spider webs dance and shine like they have diamonds along their strands. It’s fascinating! Take some pictures or Why not Catch a web?
  • Visit a corn maze. Our corn maze is also the place that we can ‘pick your own pumpkins’ so it’s a fabulous day out.

Autumn activities to do with your kids

  • Do some leave art-leaves are turning fabulous colours all around you in autumn and falling to the floor. Scoop some up and make a collage picture
  • Glowing leaf jar
  • Pony bead Leaf mobilePony bead melted into leaf shapes is an amazong craft for autumn.
  • Beach art with hot cocoa to warm up
  • Rock collecting so we can paint them through the winter to take part in our rock hiding group.
  • Leave crafts
  • Make a Leaf wreath
  • Bark or leave Rubbing picture

wonderful artwork for autumn can be done outdoors.

  • If you can’t get out to collect leaves you could try painting your own leaves using shaving cream marbling.
  • What can be more fun at this time of year than kicking and throwing leaves in the air, gathering piles of leaves to climb on or bury in as leaf dens? Perfect autumn fun!Throwing leaves is a great autumn activity see what else
  • Use Pinecones to make Animals or a pinecones wreath. What about this amazing pinecone and acorn mammoth??

amazing pinecone crafts to do this autumn.

  • Make pinecone autumn trees

There is plenty of ideas on how to use autumn leaves but why not try this Autumn Tree Craft? Perfect for preschool kids and a wonderful display idea for Fall.


  • Acorns are so useful for crafts. The little cups on the end make great ears or eyes for pinecones pets. Or why not try making little characters like these?

acorn man is a great way to get out this autumn

Here’s more Outdoor Activities for Autumn

  • Go Conker hunting! Get outdoors wrapped up and try to find some conkers ( horse chestnuts) Peel open their spikey shell to reveal a shine brown conker to use for so many things.

Conker hunting in Autumn is one of our favourite things to do with the children. Theres also lots of ways to use your conker collection from crafts to decorations. Try different ideas to bring Fall into your home.


  • Make some great crafts like conker people using cocktail sticks.
  • Play conkers- put a hole through your string and tie through a length of string so your conker dangles. try to hit the conker of the other player and break his by taking turns to swing. Watch your fingers though!!
  • Make conker spider websWeaving fun with conkers this autumn
  • Pony bead leaf mobile. like this one for a summer sun catcher but use leaf-shaped cookie cutters and autumn colours. We’ll be making one soon.
  • Help your garden Wildlife
  • Make some Bird feeders.
  • Save some seeds and plant them to grow more trees.
  • Make a Hedgehog house and create a hedgehog highway. Get other wildlife ideas here 


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Outdoor fun for kids A great list of autumn activities to get the kids outdoors and having fun with nature this Autumn,Get kids outdoors with this email course

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  1. I like the autumn treasure hunt and the bike ride through the woods. I like roasted marshmallows with a bonfire. The land art is awesome. The shaving cream marbling on the autumn leaves are beautiful. These ideas are a lot of fun for kids.

  2. Would love to see some ideas for winter activities. Getting kids outside in the winter is hard for kids and parents. How can we make it more fun?

    1. Hi Kiera, thanks for getting in touch. It can be really hard to find activities when its horrible outside but heres some we love.

      And theres 44 more ideas here too…

      You could also try bring the outdoors inside with some winter garden fun

      Hope thise ideas give you some great ideas. Id love to hear what you get up to x

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