Gardening Goals That Will Change Your Life

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If your like me your itching to make some changes in the new year, its time to set your gardening goals for 2022

I’ve missed spending time in the garden over the last few weeks and have decided to make some changes in the New Year by making a few gardening goals that will help me change my life as well as be in my happy place more.

If you want to join me Forget the all-or-nothing extreme diets expensive gyms and depriving promises you know you will break by teatime.

Instead stick with the tried and true changes that will make a difference in the long run here are 6 goals you can make that really matter. I can’t think of a smarter more fun way to kick off 2022.

I have included some products you may find helpful in this post. I may receive a small commission if you buy through these links but at not extra cost to you.

gardening goals for 2022

Here’s some popular goals and how I think you should tackle them

Gardening Goals 1- Get fit and healthy

There’s no easier way to get fit and healthy that to start gardening. From digging, squatting, bending and lifting, the garden is the new way to get healthy.

Being in the garden can give you a full body work out easily and it’s also super easy to adapt your gardening activities to your individual abilities. It doesn’t need to be a full plot you dig over, simple things like carrying tools, digging soil and squatting to sow seeds all count.

Also, making sure you get plenty of your 5 a day fruit and veggies means having lots of fruit and veg on-hand, but we can all get bored of orange carrots and green broccoli. By growing your own vegetables, you can grow new varieties that are expensive to buy or not even available in the stores.

So, Grow a range of colours, and shapes to brighten up your plate and give you so much more choices as well as a punch of vitamins.

This post is great for getting fit through gardening

 2 -Reducing Stress Is Next In Our Gardening Goals

Its A Wonderful Goal, So, just Start A Garden

Growing your own vegetables and fruit is a powerful way to de-stress, your outdoors listening to nature, following the growing calendar and completing jobs at the right time. Gardening has a rythmn which is wonderful for those with chaos in their lives.


You can garden with music, with friends or alone and enjoy the silence and the birds singing while you sow your seeds and harvest crops.

Like I said it’s my personal way to escape everyday chores and stress, while I enjoy the outdoors with my kids.

You can even involve the kids in the garden and teach them important life skills too.

make some gardening goals today and succeed in 2022

Garden Goal 3. Want to spend more time with your kids ?

In the garden you can spend time looking at seeds, sowing them, tasting different vegetables and fruit and even crafting or printing with paint with natural materials to make growing and being outdoors fun. Check out some ideas for fun garden projects and activities here
You could give your kids

Want More Gardening Goals ??

4: Want to save money?

Growing your own fruit and vegetables saves a ton of money. Yes, you still have to buy the odd bag of compost and some seeds, but when a packet of seeds can contain up to 2500 seeds there is no comparison.

Growing these seeds (not all of them at once though, don’t panick!) Provides regular, organic vegetables when you need them.

There are various varieties that can extend the growing season, so you can stagger your growing to have certain fruit and veggies over a longer period of time or make enough to store, saving you more in the winter months too.

gardening goals can help you beat all your goals from saving money, recycling more, lose weight or even spend time with your kids

5: Is Reducing Plastic One Of Your Gardening Goals? …….Then Start A Garden!

Growing your own food is the easiest way to reduce your plastic use. Check out here for our FREE printable and find out 12 steps to get started
You won’t have to buy plastic wrapped fruit and veg from the supermarket, no plastic bags and no air miles.
If you really get into your gardening groove, you’ll be composting your vegetable peelings and other waste too.

Goal 6. Get Your Kids Spend Less Time On Screens And Start A Garden Together. A noble Gardening Goal…

If your goal is to get your kids of their devices and screens and off the couch, the garden is a great place to go for all of the above reasons.

Here’s a few of our favourite guilt free apps

Growing something from seed and nurturing it with your kids is a special experience that is quite addictive. Once they get the hang of it, they will feel the need to be out there all the time checking on their ‘babies’

Check out how to start your own vegetable garden with our Family vegetable garden post here

I love to hear from you if you have children who would like to garden.

I’d love to know what I can do to help you succeed in your gardening goals. I am thinking of putting together a fabulous gardening club for children and families to grow together with lots of fun crafts ideas, printables and fun growing activities to show kids how special it is to nurture something.

Hit reply and let me know if that’s something you think would help you or maybe you have a better idea????

I’m all ears. I’m hear to help families find food security and enjoy connecting with their food in a long forgotten way.


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